Tourists Treasure Hunts

These treasure hunts are ideal for tourists to England and anyone visiting a language school in Sussex or selected areas in London. In addition they are perfect for business trips or social groups visiting England from abroad. No need for an expensive tour guide as our hosted treasure hunts will split your group into teams and help you make the most of the routes around your chosen venue.

*Language Schools/Visiting Foreign Student Groups
Get in touch either via your contact language school or direct to Black Cat Treasure Hunts on: 
+These great value hunts will include Black Cat himself to organise the teams and liaise with staff as he leads the group around the designated route. Lots of photo challenges, questions and language learning opportunities in a fun atmosphere.
+Group leaders will have the opportunity to change/advise on level and standard of English used by viewing a first draft.
+Optional sheet to learn harder, essential words prior to the day.
+Fun prizes will be awarded to all the teams at the end in a small presentation.
+Start and finish points can be discussed for your convenience.
+Last for 2hrs + marking/relaxation time at the end.

*Business/Social Group Trips
The format for these will be similar to those for language schools in that they combine questions and mini challenges (involving taking photos/video clips on a mobile).
These are ideal for adult groups either on business or social group visits to explore and discover the county of Sussex. The treasure hunt can be completed either in one group with Black Cat hosting or in teams with Black Cat organising the start and undertaking the marking/judging/presentation at the end.
*Brighton is the premier City in the county for tourists, but Black Cat can arrange great treasure hunts across the county including in Chichester, Lewes,Arundel,Eastbourne and Rye amongst many others.

*Next Step
Simple! Tim on  ..or..Call me on 01323-655346  to discuss your booking.

*Why Black Cat 
He has lived, been educated and worked in Sussex. He has wide ranging experience of event management. He is adept at writing and leading fun, creative and great value treasure hunts across Sussex.

*What is he like at languages?!
He is fluent in English (!), but only has a smattering of French, can count to 99 in German with one additional sentence about cleaning his teeth in the bathroom and learnt Latin at school. His Spanish is limited to ordering a few drinks. 
He does understand though that these trips are great opportunities to practice your understanding of written and spoken English and will do his utmost to help you with it. In addition he has never met a Scandanavian with anything less than superb come on what are you waiting for?!


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