Celebration Treasure Hunts

Chances are you are celebrating something this year... a birthday?...an anniversary?...a re-union?...or maybe just the weekend!! Whatever it is we would like to suggest a treasure hunt as the ideal way to help you make your party go with a bang. Our celebration hunts are fun..original...competitively priced and....personalised!

What to expect?

*A treasure hunt with approx 30 questions..6 mini challenges involving taking photos or video clips with a mobile and points added to allow it(if preferred) to be completed in teams with a competitive aspect.

*Start and finish at places of your choice or our recommendation.We specialise for anywhere in Sussex with Brighton the most popular choice.

*Great value. Shop around if you like, but our hunts are very competitively priced and excellent for a group of people. Why not share the cost with your friends to make your money go further for the rest of your celebrations.

*Personalised hunts mean we can build in photos and info(supplied by you) about the participants into the questions/challenges/route and general presentation of the hunt. This adds to the fun and leads to much amusement. A themed hunt is an alternative approach to personalisation...let us know if you would like the questions and challenges focussed on one particular area.

What to do next?

*Contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk or call on 07445818996 with your guidelines about your celebration and numbers and we will reply within 24 hours with a great quote.

*Alternatively, use the enquiry section for an immediate option of getting in touch with Black Cat Treasure Hunts.

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