The Brighton Heist Escape

You`ve escaped the escape rooms...but now you must escape on the outside as your `gang` have pulled off the perfect heist and need to get away sharpish! This is an outdoor treasure hunt challenge combined with the tension associated with a time limited escape room.
Meet heist mastermind Black Cat near the big bank you have just robbed in Brighton. He has remotely disabled the alarms, but only for one hour. You have that time to enable your escape to a mystery location on the seafront where a boat awaits to take you to safety. One more thing...your gang is splitting into two teams with similar but not identical routes around the city, and with the same goal. Reach the end in under an hour and, even more importantly, by making fewer mistakes along the way, your team will be the one escaping with all the money. Only one team wins!

Booking Guidelines:
*Contact me, Black Cat (or Tim if you know me personally!) ..or.. Call me on 01323-655346 ..or use the enquiry form on the about us/contact us page.
*Try and allow at least two weeks before the date to make the booking, although last minute bookings are possible too (subject to availability).

What to expect:
*Receive a sealed `mission` envelope at the start. This will contain a series of questions, photo and video challenges, riddles, scavenge items to find and `bribe money` for double agents(!). The mission and a selection of the questions/challenges will be personalised to your group too!
*Black Cat will set an alarm clock ready to go off in an hour as you open your envelope. Each team of between 4 and 6 players will follow a different route but covering the same areas of the city and attempting the same mission. It is quite possible the teams may bump into each other at certain places.
*However, as your mission reaches its climax the teams will approach the end from different sides and with no concrete knowledge of how the others have done.
*As the teams meet back up with Black Cat in under one hour (hopefully!) your completion of the mission will be given an `Escape Rating` out of 100. The highest scoring team wins. Those arriving after one hour will receive a rating of 0.

What/Who is this style of treasure hunt best suited to?
*Celebration activity:
Brilliant for groups of 8 people and above celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or special occasion.
*Team Building: Perfect for companies to make effective use of their spare time, explore Brighton in an original way and get excellent value too. (8-36 people. More depending on time available)
*Stag/Hen: The ultimate fast paced, competitive event. Ideal for a speedy discovery of the city of Brighton allied to a fun, personalised, tense race against time. (8-24 people)
*Family/Friends: Adapted to make an excellent alternative activity for a bit of harmless fun and rivalry. Suggested minimum age would be for lively year 7 upwards. (8 people inc at least 2 x 18yrs+)

Unsure of what type of treasure hunt you are after then return to the Black Cat Treasure Hunts Home page and check the options.

Practical Questions Answered:
*How much will this cost?
£15/person (2 teams of 4 is the minimum number of players). If you are booking for 25 or more then the cost will drop to £7.50/person for the additional players.
*How long should we allow? One hour for the escape mission itself and a second hour to include the briefing at the start and marking/judging of your escape at the end which includes a small presentation to the teams.
*Where will it start and finish? It will start at an agreed point near the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, and end at an undisclosed point somewhere on the seafront. Near a bar mind you...
*Will we need to bring anything? No... everything you need will be provided. 
*Is there a maximum number of players too? 6 teams of 6 (=36) will be the maximum. Should you belong to a company (or other organisation) with more than that then a second block of time can be arranged for the additional teams on the same day.

Themed Brighton Escape Heists:  (This activity is available in Lewes too.)
During certain months you can choose for your Brighton Escape Heist to be themed with all the same conditions as above. The questions and challenges will centre around the following themes:
*February: Valentines Heist.
*April: Easter Heist.
October: Halloween Heist
December: Christmas Heist.

For an alternatively themed, treasure hunt try the Cluedo treasure hunt based on the classic board game.

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