Cluedo themed treasure hunts are a recent addition to the options offered by Black Cat Treasure Hunts. One of the biggest benefits this style of treasure hunt brings is that it can be completed indoors or outside, given enough space. Based on the original and fun board game this treasure hunt sticks closely to the classic characters, murder implements and rooms. It can also be personalised if you are using it as a team building treasure hunt so that you can choose people from your company as the suspects! As it is a Black Cat treasure hunt there is also the addition of extra photo and video clip challenges with a murder/mystery theme and other tie-breaking questions on route.
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Here then is the where, when, why, who and how of the Cluedo Treasure Hunt:

Picture 1*Where: This is ideal for a privately hired venue where there is a bit of space. The first Cluedo themed treasure hunt was based around Ardingly`s South of England Event Centre. This was for a company who had a conference there allied to using this as a team building event. The centre itself had an excellent combination of open spaces to accommodate eight teams looking for clues all at the same time, whilst having plenty of neat hiding spaces for me to place the answers!
The venue can be anywhere which has been privately hired or a public site like a park with permission for the event. Also, the Cluedo treasure hunt can be completed inside, once again at a privately hired venue like an attraction or, maybe, if you are a company with extensive offices and facilities. The Cluedo treasure hunt can take place anywhere in Sussex, as a London treasure hunt or elsewhere in the country if you twist my arm! 

*When: The Cluedo treasure hunt is not only ideal for a team building treasure hunt, but also for birthdays and other celebrations. The Cluedo treasure hunt can be completed at any time of year as there is the option to do it inside if you have a suitable venue.

Picture 1*Why: It`s called the Cluedo treasure hunt because it has the characters like Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlett featuring in it. You know you can`t wait to accuse Professor Plum in the billiards room with the candlestick! The original rooms and murder implements are there too, but there`s nothing stopping you asking for people from your office being used instead. Mrs Smith in the executive office with the photocopier cartridge could work?!

*Who: Any number can be accommodated at the right site. The beauty of this event is that all teams can start at the same time. You will require a minimum of two teams with 5-8 people working well in each team. Suitable for all ages.

*How: Teams are given a clue sheet which lists all the suspects, murder implements and rooms. Teams have 90 minutes to tick off any of these having located them around the venue. To do that there are cryptic clues to help you find them. The winning team is the one who makes the correct accusation at the end of the allocated time. However, in the event that more than one team gets the right answer or if no teams get all three parts of the accusation right then the winning team is the one getting most points from the additional route questions and challenges. These are listed as additional treasure hunt sheets that each team are provided with at the start.

Other Information:

The price will be per head and there is the option for Black Cat to be in attendance to facilitate the event and to do the marking with a round up and small presentation. The cost will be comparable to Black Cat Treasure Hunts` team building treasure hunts but will depend on numbers/venue. The price will be extremely competitive for this unique event. You will not be disappointed.

"Thank you for all your time in putting this together. Everyone had a great time, and we were so grateful for ALL of the time, effort and energy you dedicated to our event. Look forward to working with you again in the future"

"You were a joy to work with! Thank you for all your efforts in making the FUN part of our event really that, FUN!"

*Next Step:
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