Each hunt`s individual website page will detail the closest postcode for the official starting point. Additional directions may be given as it is acknowledged that often postcodes can cover a wider area than a specific point.

Further guidelines will also be given for participants travelling to the starting point of a hunt by car. On occasions a particular car park will be very convenient to the starting point, on others on street parking may be possible with the postcode and description providing a more accurate point to access.

Information will also be made available as to the suitability of a hunt for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. Due to the varied nature of the hunts on offer, not all of the hunts will be deemed easily accessible. We will be delighted to receive feedback as to whether you found the hunts easier or harder to access than the information given so that we can update the website for future users. Please give your feedback via e-mail on

You are reminded of the Terms and Conditions that personal safety is your reponsibility whilst on a hunt and that the final choice to attempt a hunt is yours alone.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts suggests that you may wish to check local conditions prior to accessing a hunt. All hunts have been checked and were accessible at the level described at the time of issue. No responsibility is taken for any roadworks, damages or any other hazard that may have made a clue or clues inaccessible. Once again, any feedback on a permanent physical change at a site that affects accessibility will be gratefully received.

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