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Not sure what type of treasure hunt you are after? Let me help you. For personalised treasure hunts contact me (Tim) directly on: ..or.. Call me on 01323-655346
All communications for these will be via email or phone. Payment options of bank transfer or cheque will be included on the invoice. 
For downloading the on-line hunts see below.

4 Steps to getting started.

1. Choose a hunt from the treasure hunt list.

2. Create an account using the free membership/sign up tab located on the Home page. You will create a username at this stage and be sent a password via email. The email will give you a link to activate your account. Log back in with your username and this new password (which you can change from your account tab).

3. Pay for the hunt using the secure PayPal system (or using credit or debit card). You will be able to get to the payment options from the relevant hunt`s webpage (add to basket). Return to the webpage for every additional hunt you need. Important: Click confirm in the box prior to payment to say that you have read the terms and conditions. Go to the relevant webpage straight away for point four.

4. Click on download hunt if you want to print off the hunt from a pdf file or click start hunt when you are ready to do the hunt on your smartphone.

Submitting Answers
If you have completed the treasure hunt by using a printed set of sheets, you will need to log back in with your username and password.
Click on your account tab and then click view the hunt.
Finally, click on start the hunt. You will now have the opportunity to submit all your answers to the questions from that hunt.
Note: Black Cat points will be added on as you go along when using a smartphone whilst if you have completed the hunt via pdf then they will go on when you submit your answers as above.
You only need to create an account for your initial treasure hunt. Future visits only need you to login with your username and password that you will have already set. The top Black Cat points scorers will be shown on the about me page. Have fun and happy treasure hunting.

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