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Alfriston Treasure Hunt

Start Postcode: BN26 5TW
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Number of Questions: 23
Total Points: 46

The Alfriston Treasure Hunt is an ideal way to discover and explore one of the most picturesque and popular villages to visit in Sussex. This walking treasure hunt features a varied array of things to find out about and see including:
  • smugglers
  • a ghost.
  • the Cathedral of the Downs...otherwise known as St Andrews Church.
  • One of the National Trust`s oldest properties. 
  • Amazing views along the river.

Why choose  Black Cat Treasure Hunts?
*I am a local
and live literally a few miles from Alfriston. As such, I have been able to set up an excellent route around the village.
*No other treasure hunt company offers an Alfriston treasure hunt
as they know they can`t compete!
*Black Cat Treasure Hunt`s first ever on-line treasure hunt was devised in Alfriston and the company got its` name when a black cat followed me around!                                                                                                       Maybe reward yourself at the end (or during!) with a cream tea. The hunt will take between 1 and 1.5 hours. There are lots of questions in a small will be surprised how much you find here.  The hunt is suitable for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. The main High Street is narrow in places so take your time. Record your answers as you go (smartphone) or input them on this website on your return. 
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