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Brighton: Stanmer Park Treasure Hunt Adventure

Start Postcode: BN1 9SE
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Number of Questions: 28
Total Points: 70

A cycling or walking treasure hunt adventure in Stanmer Park, Brighton which offers stunning countryside and atmospheric woodlands on the eastern side of the city. This treasure hunt is ideal for families, especially those with children over 10yrs or for a couple of adults looking to add fun to a route around the park. The hunt will last a good two hours if completed as a treasure hunt on foot and features a series of questions and mini challenges related to things you can see and do on the way. It will be equally as fun by bike, but of course quicker! One or two of the questions/challenges may be seasonally affected in terms of how the park is at different times of the year.
The views are amazing and children will be able to really appreciate nature with butterflies, flowers, an animal carved into a fallen tree and camps made from branches all likely to make an appearance. Add in the unusual Frankland memorial and the long-distance view of Brighton`s Amex stadium and you really have an excellent adventure awaiting!
The start and finish points are outside One Garden, which is not only a walled garden, but includes a market shop and seasonal dish eatery too. The postcode here is BN1 9SE and the nearest car park is the Patchway car park nearby.
For those of you choosing a cycling version you can use your own cycles or why not hire some if you are on holiday. This hunt involves stopping and starting of course, but a moderate level of fitness is handy as it involves some uphill sections (as well as downhill!).
The answers are attached to the bottom of the hunt as there is not a smartphone option for this treasure hunt. (and why no questions/points are indicated for this hunt). Let me know how you get on by contacting and I can add Black Cat points onto your account. You may even get amongst the leaders on the leaderboard! 
Stanmer Park is a beautiful place for a personalised treasure hunt, and brilliant for a team building treasure hunt. You should contact me (Tim) either on email: me on 01323-655346 to get a booking started.


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