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Midhurst: Two Ruins and a Time Machine

Start Postcode: GU29 9LT
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Number of Questions: 18
Total Points: 38

  • Plenty of fine buildings, a hidden castle, the impressive Cowdray ruins and fun clues make Midhurst a very worthwhile town to visit. Locals will understand why a time machine but visitors will need to look out for how the influence of HG Wells fits into the hunt itself.
  • The starting point is by the side of The Grange Community and Leisure Centre, which you can access from the Grange Road car park. This car park is good value. The post code is GU29 9LT. History,greenery,sporting activities are combined to bring you eventually to the stunning Cowdray Ruins.
  • The hunt will take 45 mins to 1.25 hours. The route is generally suitable for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs. There are one or two gradual hills though and a grassy mound that cannot be reached without assistance.
  • We are specialists in Personalised treasure hunts all over Sussex, including in Midhurst. Click the link for further details.



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