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Bognor Regis Treasure hunt

Start Postcode: PO21 1LD
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Number of Questions: 24
Total Points: 50

This Bognor Regis treasure hunt provides an excellent cross section of the town. It starts at the Town Hall which is accessible from the nearby Regis Car Park on Belmont St.
Bognor Regis is full of unexpected treasures and history. Will you find the magnificent David Bowie mural and locate all the Alice in Wonderland characters around the delightful, Hotham Park. Bognor Regis is worthy of its royal title, and you will discover how key characters shaped the town`s importance. It`s an almost circular route that hits the prom early and finishes there too. You can read some fun facts there about the nearby Butlins.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts are specialists in personalised treasure hunts across Sussex, including here in Bognor Regis. Contact to start a booking. Ideal for team building, a birthday, a hen party or any other type of celebration. Alternatively, Call me on 01323-655346 
Black Cat Treasure Hunts judge the Bognor Regis treasure hunt to be one of the best treasure hunt routes on our list for anyone in a wheelchair and those with pushchairs. The route is generally flat and helpful ramps provide access up to and down from the prom when required. The hunt will last you approx 1.5 hours 
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3 More Reasons to do this hunt:
*The route is perfect for visitors and tourists to explore Bognor Regis and those of you visiting Butlins to acquaint yourselves with the layout of the town and have fun doing so. For locals it will add interest and amusement to a regular walk.
*Black Cat Treasure Hunts developed this treasure hunt by working closely with a local from the town who provided a list of some of the must-see places. 
*People like Black Cat Treasure Hunts. Check our testimonials and Google reviews

This treasure hunt was inspired by a suggestion from a local who wrote the blog Ali: Diary of a Detour. Click on the photo (left) for more.

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