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East Grinstead Treasure Hunt

Start Postcode: RH19 4DW
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Number of Questions: 22
Total Points: 45

East Grinstead provides an interesting and historic backdrop to this varied, walking treasure hunt. Plenty of questions will keep your momentum going as you work from one side of town to the other. Despite living less than an hour away from this town I discovered a lot of new things on my exploration.
*Not only does East Grinstead`s High St have one of the longest continuous runs of 14th century timber framed buildings, but the town lies on the Meridian too. The treasure hunt route also takes in the impressive St Swithuns church, a water tower used as a family house, a museum and the McIndoe sculpture. Archibald McIndoe was a ground breaking plastic surgeon during WWII.
*This walking treasure hunt starts next to East Grinstead`s library, which is conveniently placed next to Queensway Car Park. The postcode here is RH19 4DW and a good place to head for if you are coming from out of town. Those of you with pushchairs or in a wheelchair will be pleased to know that by and large this is a flattish and accessible route. The only thing I would say is that there are a couple of occasions when you need to cross over the same road several times as the pavement runs out.
*This treasure trail will take 1 to 1.5 hours to complete and will provide a series of questions that will  add enjoyment for locals on a regular walk around town or help new visitors to navigate around an interesting cross section of it. The quickest way to do the hunt is to set up a free account that takes a few minutes and then pay on-line once you have received a password from Black Cat Treasure Hunts via email.
*Did you know? The more answers you get right the more Black Cat points you get and you may even land up on our leaderboard. With 47 points on offer in East Grinstead it is well worth doing for only £3.

*If you are a real treasure hunt expert you may wish to get a team of 6 together and try out our new event: Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021...which has real treasure(nice prizes!) for the top points scorers.
*Black Cat Treasure Hunts are also specialists in personalised hunts all over Sussex, including in East Grinstead.These are absolutely perfect for corporate days out and teambuilding treasure hunts.
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