Brighton: The Amazing Race

This is based on the hit American show, Amazing Race. and adapted for a fast and furious treasure hunt through Brighton. It combines challenges and a series of on-route questions set against the clock to decide the winners of your very own Brighton: Amazing Race.

It is an absolutely ideal choice for groups of friends, work colleagues, or a sports/social club who want to have a fun and competitive treasure hunt through Brighton. Discover the sights, sounds and people of this vibrant City in a way you had never thought of before.

So....what sort of things can you expect?...a `Detour` is where you must choose between challenges. Lower points for completing the easy, nearby one or higher points if you go out of your way to have a go at the more demanding task.

A `roadblock`is when you must choose just one team member to complete a challenge. Will you choose the right person or will they take too much time?

A`U-turn`is when the winners of a separate challenge nominate a different or the other team to complete an extra task which will put them behind the clock in the race.

Don`t depair if you are running out of time. You can use your `fast forward`option to leave out route questions and still get the points.

An `intersection`is when you collaborate with another team to complete a challenge.

You can choose the regular Amazing Race for the price of just £60 total (suggest teams of 4 or 5...have as many teams as you want for this one off cost)..or...request it to be personalised for £120. This will include photos/info about the participants which will be incorporated into the questions, challenges and general presentation of the hunt. This would be perfect if you are using it for a birthday, re-union or anniversary.Please note: Payment is not made through this website.

Next Step

Contact via email to place your order and you will be sent an invoice. The same applies to the personalised version for which an exchange of emails will take place to ensure that the info/photos meet your requirements.

Why Black Cat Treasure Hunts?
*I have worked in Brighton and actually live just along the coast. I know all the places to see and best routes including side streets you may not be aware of! I have driven and walked around Brighton a lot!
*I have excellent testimonials and Google reviews.
*I am a partner of visitBrighton, the official tourist organisation for the city. It helps to know whos who and what is going on.

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