Teambuilding Treasure Hunts

Black Cat Treasure Hunts teambuilding hunts are ideal for many different types of situation and occasion. From getting to know colleagues from other departments better to having fun celebrating a success, we have the right route and content for you.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Black Cat Treasure Hunts....

  1. We live in Sussex and write all the treasure hunts for places in Sussex. We know the hidden clues..the interesting places. Local knowledge is always hard to beat.
  2. Our prices are fantastic value. Shop around if you like, but our testimonials often comment on our competitive prices. We even offer optional fees if you would like Black Cat to attend on the day to organise and do the marking or remotely for a smaller fee via Whatsapp.
  3. All our treasure hunts are truly bespoke and personalised. We can include photos and information about the participants to add to the fun. We don`t have standard rules on how much can be included.
  4. We work around your schedules. You can choose the start and finishing points or you can leave that up to us. Similarly if you have time restraints we can work around that too.
  5. We have a sense of humour..our questions and mini challenges that we set up for the route will reflect what you have told us about yourselves and also help to keep you amused on the way round.
  6. Our customer service is of paramount importance. Quick response to enquiries...setting and keeping to an agreed timetable and ensuring you are fully informed about what to do on the day of the event.
  7. can choose to self manage your event or ask to have an independent person to manage and judge your answers/photos/videos etc. A treasure hunt on a car...running...long/`s up to you.
  8. The whole group can get involved. Our treasure hunts are best done in teams and this allows everyone to contribute and have fun. Read out the questions..or take the photos..or keep an eye on the time...or be the one to talk strangers into joining you for a mass Mexican Wave..there is something for everyone.
  9. Feedback..the words most mentioned afterwards are fun...creative...well organised...great for getting people together.
  10. Winning is always great..but having banter about your answers,photos and video clips at the end in a relaxed atmosphere however badly you did is a very close second and surely what teambuilding is all about?...........
Fun Fact...Brighton is the number one destination chosen by teambuilding groups, but Black Cat has been known to venture to London on occasions to set up bespoke teambuilding treasure hunts for companies in the capital too. Don`t miss out if you can`t make it down to the Coast!

What to do next?

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Special Offer: Xmas Office Party Treasure Hunt

*20% off Xmas themed treasure hunt prices for during the whole of December.

*free `remote` marking and judging of video clips via Whatsapp or email lets you carry on into your Xmas drinks/meal without delay.

*Book before the end of November with the code: Black Cat Xmas 19 to secure your deal.

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