It`s not January`s fault

It`s not January`s fault

Posted on: 06/01/2019 January is cold and the forecast for February is even worse. You wanted snow for Christmas but didn`t get it, now it will only disrupt your plans in the next month or two. Maybe you get paid monthly and this is a long month after you got paid early in December. What else is not to like about January? Well..the start of January sees the day when most unwanted Christmas presents are returned..if you are at school you will be returning there after that non Chrismassy week in January and if you are a student there`s a good chance you will cop some exams as soon as you return to University this month.

Remind me again why the title of this Blog is as it is?   It`s a time of hope and renewal, ambition and resolve. Sounds like the start of a speech from a famous King or politician! To be honest January really is the best time to plan ahead, to book something fun,to get a sense of anticipation and expectation flowing through your body. January is the time to enlist the help of someone else to present a creative, fun, value for money activity that will earn you eternal credit in your family, workplace or circle of friends.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts has made the following New Year`s resolution, which we are excellent at keeping , to ensure your January could be the best it has ever been!

***We promise to respond within a maximum of 24 hours to any booking request about personalised treasure hunts for hen parties,teambuilding events, birthday/anniversary celebrations, office awaydays or any other events that you have thought of. Our proposals will inspire you and bring a smile to your face and will have you shouting  "January is such a great month...bring on the rest of the year!"*
Contact us on or call 07445818996 to get the ball rolling. Like a bit of social media browsing whilst you wait for our reply then check out our Facebook,Instagram and twitter accounts for all the latest.

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