All in No Holds Barred Indoor Treasure Hunt Challenge

Looking for some crazy indoor entertainment ? This indoor treasure hunt is the ultimate treasure hunt challenge that you can play as one household or against any house of family or friends anywhere in the world. This is high value entertainment at low cost. Pride, prizes and maybe a place on Black Cat`s treasure hunt leaderboard will all be at stake. Will the Brighton Rock be an answer to a question, a prize or something you need to complete a challenge?! 

What`s it all about?
*You will have two hours to answer as many questions and complete as many challenges as possible.You will consider your strategy and tactics as the questions will range from easy, which you might know straight away up to really hard, when you will need to  utilise other resources. The points awarded will reflect the level of difficulty of course.
*The challenges will be pretty crazy, unusual or wide-ranging,depending on the age range of who is playing which Black Cat will check  in advance. 
*The challenges will give you potentially a high points score,but are at the subjective anaysis of Black Cat. You will send photos or video clips of your challenges.

From making the perfect Gin and Tonic to re-creating a bungee jump to revealing the maddest thing your friends/family in the other house(s) have done.. everything is on the table! If you have children taking part they will be challenged to making lego towers, completing puzzles or coming up with original dances.
*The good news, unlike any other quiz or competition you have ever taken part in before, you are allowed to use any and every resource you can. Google?..of course. Phone a friend?..if you think it will help. Contact your competitors...might help sometimes. Mobiles, books,toys, games,food and drinks ingredients..definitely worth a shot!

Next Steps?

1. Contact Black Cat vie email on (or call 07445818996) to agree a day and time for your event to happen. Allow 2 hours for the challenge itself. 
2. Decide whether this is just for your household or whether you are in competition against other families elsewhere.
3. Black Cat will ask a few clarifying questions such as age range taking part, numbers taking part. This will allow him to `personalise` the content to a small extent.
4. Payment of £10 per team (household) (minimum cost: £20) will be required prior to the event. Black Cat will email you an invoice. You will also send details of email addresses of any other teams taking part
5. On the day/evening Black Cat will email you a pdf file with all the questions/challenges.This will be approx 5 mins before the agreed start time. Teams acknowledge they have received the file and then Black Cat gives the Ok for you all to start (on a group email or whatsapp if preferred). The finish time will also be confirmed then.
6. The team (s) do as much as they can in the two hours and then submit their answers,photos and video clips back to Black Cat.
7. You all relax whilst Black Cat does the marking/judging and then informs you all about the results at an unspecified, but guaranteed, same day time.

A leaderboard,dependent on entries, will be set up on the Black Cat Club tab on the website.

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