The A to Z of Treasure Hunts. Black Cat Treasure Hunts Puts Himself To The Test.

The A to Z of Treasure Hunts. Black Cat Treasure Hunts Puts Himself To The Test.

Posted on: 24/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

So, the critical issue I pose today is how do you become acknowledged as a treasure hunt expert? To be honest I feel it`s whether you know the A-Z of the subject. Bearing that in mind I have set about investigating whether I qualify on that score. Here goes...
A is for Alfriston and Ardingly. Alfriston was one of my first treasure hunts that I wrote to use online. It is also where a black cat followed me around to give me an idea for the name of the company. Ardingly showground is where I launched my first Cluedo themed treasure hunt. I loved doing it and followed it up recently with another one in Haywards Heath.
B is for Brighton treasure hunts and Black Cat Treasure Hunts. Brighton is the capital of the Black Cat Treasure Hunts kingdom and has the most variety in the county for team building and hen party treasure hunts. I have written zoned treasure hunts too in the city for larger numbers. Black Cat Treasure Hunts is the only sole trader run treasure hunt company in the county with an emphasis on personalised treasure hunts. There are lots of different types of treasure hunt company which I like, but a number of them cover many other cities across the country and, as such, have to play safer with what they include to ensure they are not caught out by any changes.
C is for Cluedo treasure hunts, celebration treasure hunts and Chichester. I utilise all the original components of the Cluedo game and add in my own fun photo and video challenges. This style of treasure hunt is ideal for an enclosed area. Celebration treasure hunts are great for birthdays, anniversaries and special events. This type of treasure hunt is perfect for that hard to buy for person or the one who has it all. Chichester is one of my favourite places for a treasure hunt. Although I have a favoured route there, it really does have a bit of everything. Romans...a theatre..budgerigars... dynamite, artwork (see the photo) and a cathedral with an extremely tall spire to name just a few things to look out for.
D is for Dates and driving treasure hunts. I have written treasure hunts for couples on a date. Surely this is an idea for any of you wondering how to surprise your loved one on Valentines Day?! I can make it personalised for you. Driving treasure hunts can be more testing to write! I retain a couple of excellent ones on-line but hidden out of site waiting for you to ask are a number I have written for special occasions.
E is for Eastbourne, East Grinstead and East Sussex treasure hunts. Eastbourne has an excellent stretch of seafront that links up to an extremely interesting treasure hunt route. Add in the biggest range of hotels you have seen in one place, and it makes for a good choice for team building or maybe a hen party treasure hunt. East Grinstead is not connected to West Grinstead, but they are both in West Sussex. The East Grinstead treasure hunt has a number of other unusual facts to discover too. Black Cat Treasure Hunts has treasure hunts across East Sussex including ones you will not find written by other treasure companies. I`m thinking Seaford and Rottingdean for starters.
F is for Facebook. Black Cat Treasure Hunts is to be found on a selection of social media outlets including Facebook. Up to date news or reviews or just an occasional random photo of somewhere I`ve been on treasure hunt business will be featured here.
G is for Glynde and getting started. Glynde is a small village in East Sussex but is the starting point for a beautiful and interesting driving treasure hunt route that lands up in Hartfield. Getting started on a treasure hunt should not be difficult. Choose your own one to download or contact me via phone on (01323) 655346 or email via
H is for Hen party treasure hunts, Hastings and Hove. Hen party treasure hunts are one of my top sellers. A great way to get acquainted with your chosen place and a terrific way to get re-acquainted with friends and relations you may not have seen for a while. Black Cat can be there on the day to help organise you and to do the marking with a small presentation too. Hastings treasure hunt starts in the old town district and features smugglers and chess. Hove (actually!) is the starting point for a cycling treasure hunt that features on Black Cat Treasure Hunts` website.
I is for ingenious challenges and Indoor treasure hunts. Black Cat prides himself on writing personalised treasure hunts that rely on info and photos supplied by you the participants. This gives me scope to write challenges of the most diverse nature imaginable. You won't be disappointed. I am always up for an indoor treasure hunt. I have written them in museums, a Sealife Centre and around a stately home/hotel. 
J is for jokes and in-jokes. Black Cat incorporates a gentle and dry sense of humour into the way he writes treasure hunts. You can supply your own anecdotes that only make sense to the invitees to your treasure hunt if you prefer and I will cunningly work them in!
K is for Kent. Are you struggling with this whole A to Z thing Black Cat?! (ha ha!) Apart from advising you to wait for the amazing `L`, I should say that I occasionally venture outside of Sussex. Depending on the type of treasure hunt spec I am given, I am not against a day out elsewhere. I mean...I did slip into Kent during a driving treasure hunt once and I have written an anniversary treasure hunt in Tunbridge Wells before.
L is for London treasure hunts, Lewes, Language schools treasure hunts and Lindfield. Pretty good recovery from K right?! I have developed a selection of routes in London that are brilliant for team building treasure hunts or any requiring remote marking. Lewes is the county town of Sussex and of course deserves our respect for being so. It also happens to have so much history connected to it, there is lots of opportunity to write great treasure hunts there. Language schools like the chance for their visitors to explore their town/city bases in a fun and imaginative way. I admit my Latin O` level has not helped me converse with these bookings on too many occasions, but I should add that I have written treasure hunts for groups of French, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian and Norwegian students or adults. Maybe the Italians have been intimidated by my Latin, but please get in touch if you are reading this whilst sipping your morning coffee in Milan or Rome. Lindfield is a small village in West Sussex (or Mid Sussex as they prefer) but as it`s a pretty, best kept village of repute and once had an airship land there it also needed (and has) a Black Cat treasure hunt.
M is for Midhurst and Murder/Mystery treasure hunts. Midhurst is a town in West Sussex and has an online treasure hunt that concludes by the side of Cowdray Ruins. I recommend a visit. The murder/mystery treasure hunts are detailed, personalised treasure hunts that have stories devised for you and you only by Black Cat. These are very different from the Cluedo treasure hunts and can be set in towns and cities.
N is for night-time treasure hunts. Maybe evening is a better description. I ask you to advise me in advance what time you are looking to complete your treasure hunt and if it is after dark I take that into consideration. Being a real pro I will check all the answers are in place and visible at the time of day you will be doing your treasure hunt. I guarantee that is not the case with a large percentage of treasure hunt alternatives.
O is for only pay when you are ready to do so and one-off treasure hunts. This is particularly helpful for groups like hen parties. Pay a deposit or when you have collected in everyone`s contributions to the weekend. One offs I like a lot! 140 for a family event in Norfolk (agh...should have had that for N!) or dressing up as Black and White witches on the South Downs is what I am interested in.
P is for Petworth and personalised treasure hunts. Petworth is in West Sussex and has an amazing self-lighting tunnel as you approach the glorious Petworth Park. Look out for Alcibiades in the lake and you have a nice compact treasure hunt ready to go. I have mentioned personalised treasure hunts several times already and that is the process of incorporating your wishes into the treasure hunt. You can choose a start and finish point, use of company colours and logo. In addition you can have photos of those taking part to add to the fun and to make sure you are concentrating when reading through the questions!
Q is for questions. There are approximately 30 questions in the personalised treasure hunts whilst the online ones vary in length from 10-20. The questions in both instances are in order and provide you with your route. No need for annoying and misleading maps on a Black Cat treasure hunt.
R is for Rye and Rottingdean. Rye provides one of my best circular routes based in a town. Historical features mix with modern aspects and last year I even had two hen party treasure hunts based there...why not?! Rottingdean is the site of Rudyard Kiplings gardens and the end of the cycling treasure hunt. It also has its own treasure hunt that goes up to its iconic know you want to!
S is for Seaford, the sea and the uncopiable (is that a word?) Seaford to Brightling driving treasure hunt featuring Mad Jack! Seaford has an interesting history and an unspoilt seafront. I have written treasure hunts for a running club, a chamber of commerce and a bonfire society around the town. As you can tell...its a versatile place. The sea borders a high percentage of the places featured in my treasure hunts. This is mainly because I`m based in good old Sussex by the sea and the seafronts are brilliant places for questions and quirky items. I don`t have enough time to extol the virtues of In Search of Mad Jack`s Tower (the driving treasure hunt from Seaford to Brightling). Just check the link I gave you there for more information. You need to put it on your bucket list I promise you.
T is for Treasure hunts, treasure and Tim. You might be able to tell by now I love a challenge relating to your treasure hunt requests. Is there treasure at the end of them I am sometimes asked. I reply there are treasures all the way through them and in team building treasure hunts and hen party treasure hunts when I am asked to attend I also bring treasure (kind of) for the prizes! My name is really Tim and you are welcome to call me that when getting in contact. Call me Timothy and you will find the price goes up.
U is for unlimited inclusion of photos and info in personalised treasure hunts. I have to say some (un-named) companies specify how many (and it`s not that many) photos they will include for you and call it personalised. Huh!! ...rant over.
V is for variation. Variation in routes, questions, challenges, style, places, times of day. I`m ready for any type of enquiry.
W is for Worthing. This large town has an odd assortment of questions along it`s seafront and nearby parks. Got to be worth a treasure hunt venue. Try a team building one here too.
X is for X-ray questions. Ha! you thought I would struggle with that one. I look out for questions and challenges on all topics. The next time I have a doctor asking about personalised treasure hunts, I guarantee you X-ray will feature!
Y is for Yoga performing cats. I 100% promise you a girl sent a photo of her yoga performing cat for inclusion in a hen party treasure hunt. It did of course make it into the challenges.
Z is for Zoo. I admit that to date I have not set a treasure hunt around a Zoo (even though I live quite near one!), but I still have ambitions! 

How do you fare on the A-to-Z challenge on your area of expertise? Have you got good ones for X,Y and Z?!
If you have been convinced by mine then give me a call on (01323)655346 or contact Tim on to start or discuss your booking.
Need a bit more convincing? (you`re thorough!) Check my T for Testimonials.

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