Try our Treasure Hunt questionnaire.Find out the best route for you.

Try our Treasure Hunt questionnaire.Find out the best route for you.

Posted on: 21/08/2020

The A Level students of 2020 will not want to hear the word algorithm for many years to come and quite rightly so. It was a shambles from start to finish and everyone wishes them  more success when they get to move on to University or into employment. Black Cat Treasure Hunts realises that sometimes simpler is better when looking to resolve a seemingly complex problem. As a result we have decided not to use an alg...... but a humble questionnaire when helping people decide which type of treasure hunt they should choose from our range.

So here goes....

Q1. Indoors or Outdoors?  If you want guaranteed dryness then you are probably looking indoors, although the South Coast has extremely good sunshine/dry day records. However, you still have another decision to make if you have gone for indoors...go to Q2. (Outdoors go to Q3)

Q2. Indoor attraction/Venues or the All In, No Holds Barred Treasure Hunt Challenge ? Black Cat has devised some cunning treasure hunts indoors at places as diverse as Brighton Sealife Centre, The Victoria and Albert Museum and at country hotels for families celebrating. The All In No Holds Barred Treasure Hunt Challenge was born out of Covid19 lockdown, but is also ideal for a rainy winter evening when you are looking for original and fun entertainment.

Q3. Driving, cycling or walking? We  have two, brilliant online driving adventures and a number of extra ones not available on the website) which also involve getting out on occasions to find an answer.Our main cycling hunt is from Hove to Rottingdean via Brighton`s seafront.(we also have a contact for cycle hire). Our walking hunts are spread out over East and West Sussex. To focus on the walking hunts go to Q4.

Q4. City,Town or Village? We have four hunts across Brighton and one in Chichester. Chichester never feels like a City to me and that is part of its charm, whereas if you are ready for the full on City experience then Brighton is for you. To break down the towns go to Q5, but if it`s a village you want then look no further than the ultimately picturesque Alfriston. Lindfield with many awards is a contender and I like Cuckfield because the route is almost circular.

Q5. Coastal vs Inland? We know that a lot of you just need that combination of a town meeting the sea and luckily Black Cat is happy to oblige. Worthing,Seaford,Eastbourne,Bexhill and Hastings are all perfect examples of treasure hunts with the sea playing a significant part (especially the first four).

Q6. Historical with Hills  vs Flatter with a Park? Well..if you want historical then Lewes is our number 1 choice. Rye is a close runner up with great cobbled streets and fun house names. Rottingdean is less hilly until you make your way up to its fine windmill. Flatter?.. Park?..Petworth has to be in your thoughts, whilst Midhurst (ok there is one hill... shhh!) should not be under-estimated for parks and history!

Q7. Take it to the next level...Personalise a bespoke hunt for us. These are suitable anywhere and are brilliant for teambuilding, hen/stag parties, birthdays,anniversaries, foreign groups,special events.

There you have it. The next time you have a tricky problem to away from the impersonal algor... and contact us at for one of our quick and easy questionaires.

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