5 Hen Party Treasure Hunt Questions. Black Cat Treasure Hunts With The Answers.

5 Hen Party Treasure Hunt Questions. Black Cat Treasure Hunts With The Answers.

Posted on: 08/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Hen party treasure hunts can be excellent additions to your hen weekend itinerary. Black Cat Treasure Hunts has taken time out to answer five key questions about treasure hunts, what to expect on a hen do treasure hunt and why you should book one with him. There is also a prize question with a hen party treasure hunt discount at the end of this article!

Q1. Is there a difference between a hen do scavenger hunt and a hen party treasure hunt?
A1. Traditionally a scavenger hunt means collecting certain items on a treasure hunt route, whereas a treasure hunt focuses more on what you can see during the route and answering questions. Some people refer to a scavenger hunt when they really mean treasure hunt. Black Cat Treasure Hunts version of a hen party treasure hunt is to combine questions on a route with mini challenges involving taking photos and video clips (loosely a scavenging element if you like) of things to do or see, on or maybe off route. In this way you get the best of both worlds.

Q2. The hen do I am organising involves the majority of the group turning up on the Friday and leaving Sunday afternoon. Is there a specific time that we should book a treasure hunt?
A2. In my experience the pattern for this time schedule is for the hen party to meet up and stay in their accommodation on the Friday night and then do the treasure hunt from mid-morning on the Saturday. This gives you a great opportunity to not only recover if you have a heavy night on the Friday, but also allows full scope to explore a new place early on in your stay. Black Cat Treasure Hunts makes no conditions when you should or shouldn`t have your treasure hunt. I have attended treasure hunts on the Saturday afternoon, but also written ones for the early evening. Some hen party groups have an open schedule so that they can fit in their treasure hunt around the best weather conditions.

Q3. The bride to be likes the sound of a treasure hunt, but is there any way of making it specific to our group?
A3. This is actually a speciality of Black Cat Treasure Hunts or, if you like a bit of `marketing speak`...a USP! (Unique Selling Point). All of my hen party treasure hunts are personalised. This means I send you ideas after you have confirmed the booking for info about the bride to be and photos of her and the rest of the group. I incorporate what you send me into a selection of the questions, challenges and the overall presentation. A lot of groups print off an extra copy as a memento of the weekend.
In addition, I set the route between start and finish points of your choice (or from my recommendations). This allows you to start from your accommodation, or from where you are having lunch or possibly from a previous activity.
Fancy dress or a theme is always fun to work into the questions and especially the challenges.
Maybe you want to do this using transport. Let me know your ideas!

Q4. I am doing research into alternative activities for our hen party weekend. What five things should I mention about one of your treasure hunts to help the bride to be decide what she wants to do?
A4. 1. A fun activity that allows your group to get to know each other better. 2. An ideal way to explore and discover the best parts of your chosen town/city. 3. At around 2 hours it represents excellent value for money. 4. Flexible arrangements on when, where and how it takes place. You can do it in one group or in teams. 5. Personalised. As mentioned...it`s a lovely way to make the bride feel special with info, anecdotes and photos about and of her and the rest of the group integrated into the treasure hunt.

Q5. I am a bit of a novice at organising this type of thing and have never been to the place we are visiting. Is there any other help or advice you can give before, or on, the day of the treasure hunt?
A5. Absolutely! Brighton is my strong suggestion for a place to hold your hen party treasure hunt. As such I have the best website information for a comprehensive list of accommodation/food/drink and entertainments. I have some of my own contacts in those areas too who can help.
I can choose start/finish points for your treasure hunt that will create the most interesting and full route.
For an optional fee I can attend on the day to help organise the teams, give out guidelines, bring printed treasure hunts and clipboards and do the all-important marking/judging at the end. I also do a small prestation/round up with prizes too. Some of the challenges have an element of subjectivity to how they are marked, and it can be nice for you to relax and take part without worrying about that part.
Three more things...you can get a 20% discount on Friday night karaoke via Black Cat treasure Hunts and get this...a small discount on an international wedding photography company for the Summer of 2024 if the bride still needs one!
And...if you can tell me in which country the photo for this blog was taken I will give you a 10% discount off your hen party treasure hunt when you make the booking!

To make a booking for your hen party treasure hunt please contact me (Tim) on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk  or call (01323) 655346.

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