The Do`s and One Don`t of Organising a Hen Party Weekend. How A Black Cat Treasure Hunt Can Fit Into Your Schedule.

The Do`s and One Don`t of Organising a Hen Party Weekend. How A Black Cat Treasure Hunt Can Fit Into Your Schedule.

Posted on: 24/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

If you`re getting married next year...congratulations!  Whilst you and your partner concentrate on all the details for the wedding, it`s also time to get your hen party planning underway. Traditionally that`s a maid of honour role, but whoever it is may wish to consider the following do`s (and 1 don't) of organising a hen weekend. It can be a bit daunting if you are not used to that sort of role, but never fear Black Cat Treasure Hunts is here to help.

1. Check on who the bride wants to invite and what they would like to do.

The average number for a hen party is 12 but is on the rise.  The invitees could be family, friends from home/work/University/school. This could involve some ringing around and do have a Plan B if some people can`t make it. Are you going with less people or considering an alternative date. Have you got some ideas for things you definitely need to book.

"One of my friends passed on your details, as apparently a trip to Brighton isn’t complete without one of your treasure hunts! "

2. Decide on a budget.
This will be governed by a number of factors of course. Not least whether the hen weekend is at home or in a different part of Britain or abroad. Apparently around 75% of hen parties stay in the UK. The top destination is Liverpool followed I`m pleased to say by Brighton (lots of good reasons for that).
In addition to travel bear in mind accommodation. food, drink, nightlife and of course daytime activities. I know an excellent treasure hunt company...
"Tim did an amazing job creating our treasure hunt. There were 20 of us on a hen weekend and every single person loved this activity from young to old. It's something different to the usual cocktail making/dance classes, much better value and much more fun! The little personal touches Tim adds makes it all the more special and you get to see Brighton while you're at it. I couldn't recommend this highly enough."

3. Research.
There are lots of different options on all the items that make up your budget. For Brighton I would recommend using the VisitBrighton website as it has everything listed in detail that you could possibly want to choose from. Agree on the priorities for your group. What are you going to use your budget on. Where might you want to make some savings. What does the bride really like?                                                  "If you want a fun and unique treasure hunt experience, you should definitely choose Black Cat!! We had a fantastic Hen treasure hunt in Brighton for my sister and everyone loved it. It was a great way of getting everyone involved and seeing parts of the city that we may have otherwise missed. The detail was amazing, it was really clear to follow and I loved all the quirky and personalised comments. So much fun! Thank you Tim for your attention to detail, you were always on hand whenever I had a question and made the process so straight forward from start to finish!"

4. Get Organised.
January is the top month for hen party bookings (approx. 20%) with bank holidays and July featuring amongst the most popular times. By arranging things early, you can relax a little with everything in place. The group can then look at putting aside a bit of money each month so that everyone is ready to complete final payments. I understand that a last minute booking for a holiday can be exciting, but last minute doesn`t really work here. For example accommodation in Brighton is immensely popular as a big tourist destination and for events such as Pride (early August).
At Black Cat Treasure Hunts I do like the earlier bookings so that I can concentrate on the personalisation of your treasure hunts and check the best route for you.                                                     "TIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS AMAZING !!!! I have a grin from ear to ear. This is absolutely perfect and HILARIOUS at the same time ! HOLY SMOKES I cannot thank you enough! Thank you again I am now ITCHING to get there and do this."

5. Choose some activities!
Variety and complimentary activities work well. To be honest Brighton is incredible for that approach. Black Cat Treasure Hunts unique selling points include the fact that hen party groups love to explore where they are and have fun at the same time and that is really what my treasure hunts entail:

"Everyone really got into it and we had such a good time. We got a good insight into the City too where there was lots going on. Would definitely recommend you to any hen party. Many thanks."

You can specify the amount of time you want it to last, but the normal length is 2 hours. This gives great value for money compared to an activity that costs more and where you only spend 30mins to an hour of your time. However, combining a shorter unique activity with a longer one (like a treasure hunt) is a terrific way to go. Consider in Brighton the i360 or the Zipwire or a speedboat from the Marina.

6. Last `Do`...Do check testimonials and reviews.
If you are not familiar with the place you are visiting it is nice to get re-assurance of excellence of the places and things you are booking. All of my reviews are genuine...I haven't got time to make these up! As a partner with VisitBrighton our products and experiences are always open to checking. Did you know I also give you the option of me attending on the day to help organise and judge the treasure hunt with a small presentation at the end.
"I don't know where to begin with this review - everything about the treasure hunt and Tim's hosting was so great. Tim was able to accommodate a rather last minute hen do event and did an amazing job at putting together a customised route for us, with personal touches about the bride too. We had such a good time exploring the streets of Brighton, completing the challenges and taking videos/photos along the way. Tim met us at the start to give a detailed briefing of what was expected, before setting us off to begin! He then met us at our end location and completed the scoring, and handed out prizes as he announced the winners/losers. The route was the perfect distance, not too challenging but with plenty of interesting places to see along the way. As someone who knows Brighton fairly well, it was also interesting to look for places that have been hidden in plain sight all of this time! Tim was able to accommodate all of our extra requests (sorry for those!) with patience and consideration, and nothing felt like too much trouble. Thank you so much Tim. If you're reading this and wondering if a Treasure Hunt is a worthwhile activity - take it from me, 23 of us all had a great time! Do it! "

And the one don`t?
1. Don`t leave things to chance or open to regrets.
Be honest with yourself, if you are strapped for time or with other circumstances then look at third party companies to do some of the work for you. In Brighton, for hen party accommodation look no further that Crown Gardens and for hen party activities all in one place I recommend Fizzbox. Fizzbox uses a nice easy booking system and all companies on there have signed to say that their prices are the same as advertised via their websites.

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