Hen Party Treasure Hunts. A Tale of Two Types of Bookings.

Hen Party Treasure Hunts. A Tale of Two Types of Bookings.

Posted on: 24/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Black Cat Treasure Hunts receives all sorts of treasure hunt enquiries during the year. From team building to family parties and requests for long distance treasure hunts to ones just around the corner. Hen party treasure hunts are amongst the most popular types as they give the opportunity for the group to explore their chosen destination whilst also getting to know their fellow invitees better at the same time. However, no two treasure hunt enquiries are the same, especially in the hen party category. This Black Cat blog looks at and welcomes the differences between two possible types and explains how both types are assessed and will equally have a great outcome.

1. The Enquiry:
Type A: Typically gushing and totally excited. This group can`t wait to get started and often make the booking 12 months in advance. 
Type B: A bit more nervous, maybe needing some past treasure hunt examples for re-assurance. Research alternative activities elsewhere. 
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response: Type A is always nice to get and an acknowledgement of their enthusiasm is always made. No attempt is made to damp down their expectations other than to give a timetable as to when the final draft is likely to be ready. Early work for type B is always worth doing. Black Cat Treasure Hunts are willing to send out detailed examples (without specific information about previous customers included of course) and a quote based on numbers is available straight away.

2. Booking Preparation:
Type A: In response to Black Cat Treasure Hunts requiring info and photos (following ideas) to help personalise the treasure hunt, this type is expansive and detailed in the number of info/photos provided.
Type B: Sometimes a little sparser with info/photos. Prefer Black Cat to take control.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response:  Type A will get exactly what they are looking for in terms of personalisation. They know the bride to be well. Black Cat knows he needs to concentrate on what will work best within the treasure hunt and choose the best selection.
Type B, although initially looking harder to write can sometimes be easier as Black Cat will concentrate on the venue for inspiration in terms of the challenges and that is often seen as a benefit by a type B booking.

3. Prior to the Day:
Type A will be 100% happy with arrangements and sometimes choose for Black Cat to attend on the day (to do the organising/marking) to get the full Black Cat Treasure Hunts experience. This allows everyone (including the person making the booking) to take part and then relax at the end.
Type B will be happy to receive and discuss the on the day guidelines that Black Cat Treasure Hunts sends out prior to a hen party treasure hunt. Type B will also consider having Black Cat in attendance to take away any perceived stress of telling friends/relations what to do and then marking/judging their answers/photos/video clips.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response: Black Cat does not have a preference so long as the booking is happy and ready for their booking. Being there on the day is always great as it is nice to put a face to an email(!) and get immediate feedback as to how the treasure hunt went.

4. On the day:
Type A will be ready to start on time and stick to their schedule. If Black Cat is in attendance then they will be listening carefully, excited and expectant as the guidelines are read out.
Type B may delay slightly to ensure everyone is ready, possibly recovering from the night before! This type will also be looking forward to what is often their first organised activity of the weekend.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response: Ensuring clear guidelines are given and checking understanding are the key priorities for both types and there is no difference between the two on that.

5. At the end of the treasure hunt:
Type A: Noisy, happy, tired from their exertions and ready to discuss their photos/video clip challenges to see how well they have done.
Type B: Equally pleased with the outcome. Plenty of laughter/banter between teams as to what each team has achieved or missed.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response: Time for Black Cat to concentrate on the judging and marking and give a humorous round up to both types of group. Always important to pick out highlights or big mistakes maybe (if Black Cat assesses a particular team has the appropriate sense of humour) for every team. No favouritism is given and silly, fun prizes are awarded in all situations.

6. Feedback after the day:
Type A: Often unprompted, enthusiastic and detailed review vie email of the treasure hunt. Usually ready to give an on-line review too.
Type B: Equally happy response, sometimes prompted by an enquiry from Black Cat as to how things went.
Black Cat Treasure Hunts response: Useful to get feedback, especially if not attending and reviews via Google maps, Trip Advisor, Facebook or third-party booking sites are always valuable .

Which type are you? Do you identify with types A and B at different times of the treasure hunt process? Black Cat Treasure Hunts can`t wait to hear from you either way.

Contact info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to get your hen party treasure hunt booking started.

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