8 Different Types of Treasure Hunt: A Choosers Guide.

8 Different Types of Treasure Hunt: A Choosers Guide.

Posted on: 05/03/2020

Choice can be great, but sometimes you just need a helping hand to point you in the right direction. For example you love the idea of a treasure hunt, but are not sure on the best route (metaphorically as well as literally!)to take. Black Cat Treasure Hunts are here with this nice simple guide on which style and type of treasure hunt to go for.

1. A significant wedding anniversary is coming up this year. You like the idea of exploring one of the Towns/Cities in Sussex, but have invited a wide age range of friends/relatives down  to take part. The ideal hunt is to be found at the personalised tab under celebration hunts!
ou can include info and photos about you and your husband/wife which also feature the people you have invited along. You will have the flexibility to complete this in teams or as one group at your own pace. Questions/challenges will be appropriate depending on the age range.

2. Hen party: Of course you may be thinking this will be covered under celebration hunts, but our hen party treasure hunts are rewarded with their own page.
These are a great way of discovering a place for many of the attendees new to Sussex. There will be more emphasis on ensuring the hunt starts and finishes at venues that fit in with your schedule for the day. Black Cat treasure Hunts have remembered you may want help with your budget and have negotiated discounts on food and drink at a selection of pubs across Brighton. We can even help you with karaoke.

3. Company event: Teambuilding,teambonding,office awayday,summer social,break-out day...call it what you like, Black Cat is ready to devise a fast paced and competitive treasure hunt for teams. Numbers attending are taken into account and alternative routes and zoning of a chosen place have been used to accommodate larger numbers. You could be the office hero by passing on the running of the event directly to us. Black Cat can be booked run and organise the event on the day with a small presentation at the end too.

4. Something Different! This is most likely going to attract those of you with previous Black Cat treasure hunt experience or possibly a well organised,large group of friends. We know that sometimes once is not enough or you have read the reviews about us on our Google Maps page.Black cat likes nothing more than a brief to get creative or come up with something unusual. When it goes well we like to make it available to everyone. How about a murder/mystery in Brighton when some of your colleagues or friends are the suspects!

5. An adventure rather than a walk. You need to try one of our driving treasure hunts. Once again there is the flexibility to try a highly entertaining hunt for only £15 from one of our driving hunts on-line (ideal for a family or friends half day out) or, alternatively, commission a bespoke driving treasure hunt for your company. Covering more distance in villages andthe countryside you will discover more secrets than you ever thought possible.
https://www.blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk/hunt-265 (on-line example)

6. "I can`t stand the rain" ..indoor treasure hunt it is! This would be entirely in discussion with Black Cat Treasure Hunts via email on info@blackcattreasurhunts.co.uk Past examples have included treasure hunts around the V&A Museum in London (see below how interactive it can be!) and the Sealife Centre in Brighton.

7. Feeling very active..then I can highly recommend a cycling treasure hunt. Black Cat Treasure Hunts have teamed up with our friends from Cycle Brighton (should you need to hire bikes) and have a set route on-line running from Hove along the coast to Rottingdean. A little walk there will bring you to the famed Rudyard Kipling and a garden named in his honour.

8. Discover the whole county on-line. Our on-line treasure hunts are set across East and West Sussex and can be downloaded at any time. Incorporating some  easier multiple choice questions they are great for tourists visiting for the first time or a local adding fun to a regular walk. These are better for a couple or family rather than teams. if you like the feel of competition though you can input all your answers on-line and see how far up our leaderboard you come! Chichester is one of Black Cat`s favourite routes. Check out more detail below.

What`s new?
Black cat is always happy to hear your ideas for themes or different styles of treasure hunt. He is currently working on one that combines aspects of the TV programme `Hunted` with Black Cat operating as a kind of `Big Brother` watching your progress via Whatsapp. This will be great for groups of 2-3 or 4-5 who enjoy the thrill of a chase through a City.

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