Teambuilding Treasure Hunts. Back To Basics With Black Cat.

Teambuilding Treasure Hunts. Back To Basics With Black Cat.

Posted on: 15/07/2022

Some treasure hunts are intricate. Layers of participant information and photos intertwined within the questions and challenges. I have an upcoming murder/mystery treasure hunt with a detailed story line and links on route to allow all but one of the suspects to be crossed off. Another recently completed one took a lot of advance planning with people coming from different parts of the country. The route had three starting points and was in a totally new venue for me. It was co-ordinated to finish with presentations/buffet meal and drinks afterwards. On other occasions,however, all people want is a straightforward treasure hunt allowing you to explore and finish at a preferred place. What does that look like in practice? Here are the five stages to demonstrate that.

1. Contact me (Tim) on or on (01323)655346
Tell me when and where you are planning your teambuilding day and roughly how many people are taking part. Typically a `back to basics` treasure hunt is aimed at a group who may want to stay together and have up to 12 participants.

2. Discuss a Plan.
A teambuilding awayday generally tries to fit in as much as possible to maximise the benefit of time away from the office or normal work environment. With regards to the treasure hunt that can mean changing the normal length of time or cutting one or two of the on route challenges to fit in with time restrictions. This can be done bt starting exactly where you arrive from, for example a train station, and finishing at/next to your following destination such as a lunch venue or city attraction.

3. Await the First Draft.
The aim now is to write a hunt for you that covers the widest possible cross section of your chosen town/city (in Sussex). I want to ensure the questions are varied,fun and take you past all the attractions and along lesser known streets too. Directions will be clear and timely and not open to interpretation. If you are in one group you want to be focussing on what you see rather than discussing alternative ways to get to the next question. Once you see the first draft you will have the opportunity to request changes/amendments if necessary, otherwise you are good to go and print off your own copies from a pdf file.

4. Arrive on the Day
You will have been fully briefed on what you need to do and all you have to do now is set off at the time you intended. One group can set their own speed to a certain extent and if you are less time constricted can stop on route if you wish. Team treasure hunts are a different species of treasure hunt and covered in other blogs.
To add a bit of spice to the hunt I do add points to the questions and challenges and a fun points guide at the end just to keep you on your toes. After all this is a teambuilding day!

5. Mission Accomplished
Time will fly as you get into it and explore a new place or re-discover somewhere you have been before. The convenience of having an activity that can lead you seemlessly to your later plans should not be understated. A treasure hunt does away with the constriction of a tour guide, but at the same time allows you to come across all the interesting places and sights. Black Cat is available to organise team based treasure hunts on the day, but allows a one group treasure hunt to self manage. This makes your day more cost effective and flexible.

One more time---How do I start the process? Contact Tim on  or call (01323) 655346. 

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