Team Building Treasure Hunts in Brighton. The Magic Explained.

Team Building Treasure Hunts in Brighton. The Magic Explained.

Posted on: 18/05/2022

Black Cat Treasure Hunts have written team building treasure hunts in London and right across the county of Sussex. However, Brighton still remains the number one venue  and this blog uncovers what the secrets are to a successful team building event with me and in Black Cat`s capital of treasure hunts!

1. The team building starts before you get here.

The majority of team building event providers wait until the day before engaging with their clients/customers/guests. Black Cat Treasure Hunts is definitely different on this score. As the treasure hunts are personalised and bespoke I ask you to choose your own start and finish points. More importantly I can incorporate information and photos of the participants into the questions and challenges. In fact teams are decided before the day. This involves interraction in advance and increases the level of anticipation and bonding of the treasure hunt teams before they have even arrived.

2. Hybrid Working. Live Treasure Hunt.

One of the stand-out comments that has been common at our more recent team building treasure hunts is the increasing reliance on and/or movement to a hybrid system of work, with many people choosing to work at home where possible. A team building treasure hunt has fun at its` core and also provides the fascinating opportunity of seeing staff from the same company meeting colleagues  for the first time.It may be that they  have only spoken to them on the phone before. Team building is taking place in its rawest form.

3. Relax...You Can All Take Part.

As an experienced event manager, I know how to relax a group before an event has begun. Communicating clearly in advance and being in place before your arrival I am ready to give you full explanations as to what to expect and how everyone can get involved. A personalised Black Cat treasure hunt does not use maps or smartphones that can be dominated by a couple of individuals, but opens up a range of unusual and amusing challenges to complete on the way round. Ally those to interesting and intriguing questions on route and you have an activity to engage all.

4. I Can `Brighton Up` Your Day.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts do venture to the capital every now and again. There have been some hilarious team building events in Shoreditch,Camden Town,Westminster and Hyde Park. However, Brighton is still the place that attracts most enquiries for Black Cat Treasure Hunts, kings of personalised hunts in Sussex.
Brighton is quirky and with such a wide variation in the environment that you explore, it really  would be hard to fit more fun into two hours elsewhere. Brighton has its North Laine (yes, that`s how you spell this lane) and `The` Lanes-- the iconic and winding lanes buzzing with jewellery shops,pubs and art. It has the world famous Royal Pavilion that looks like the Taj Mahal and of course the seafront. is so much more than `must see` tourist spots. It is my job to uncover these place and create the best cross section for a treasure hunt route to engage the whole team. When everyone in a team is relaxed and having fun then team building becomes more natural.

5. It` Not Where You Start, It`s Where You Finish  (and what you did in the  middle) That Counts.

I`m not sure who I stole most of that quote from, but it does apply neatly to a  team building treasure hunt written by Black Cat Treasure Hunts. Maybe the start will be a low key place such as a meeting room in a hotel or possibly a train station cafe, but what you will encounter and discover on your way to the end provides endless opportunities for discussion and proper team building. By the time teams arrive at the end  in Brighton at a beach side bar or next to the i360 tower or ready to go into one of the many excellent restaurants in the city, it will be apparent how much more interraction is occuring. 

6. And Finally...The Winners Are.

Yes..there are prizes (for all the teams) which can range from postcards to...well..sticks of the finest Brighton Rock for first place. Of course your company may wish to add some additional (better?!) prizes such as wine, chocolates or a little trophy, but the emphasis is not so much on the grandeur of the prizes, but on achieving an event that facilitates team it what you prefer.
At the end I summarise the results and read out my personal highlights from what the teams have achieved in terms of their photos, video clips and how successfully they have answered the route questions. I am careful to mention all the teams positive moments and, if the moment is right, a few of their disasters too. If you can laugh in the face of failure then in my book you are a cohesive team ready to achieve your own success, which is probably  just around the corner.

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