6 Treasure Hunt Questions Answered! Black Cat On The Spot!

6 Treasure Hunt Questions Answered! Black Cat On The Spot!

Posted on: 01/09/2021

With the school holidays here, companies trying to re-engage their employees as restrictions ease and Britain on a staycation...it`s time for a Black Cat Treasure Hunts Q and A session about all your pressing enquiries.
Q1: What are the most appropriate treasure hunts for families that you do?
A1: The on-line treasure hunts that you can download from our website are the best. This is because they are set across the county (of Sussex) and are clear to follow. Multiple choice answers and a price range of £1 to £6 make these a no brainer. Black Cat has worked, lived and gone to Uni in Sussex so he knows the place well!

Q2: Do you write themed treasure hunts?
A2: I do, but they work better when integrated into a teambuilding treasure hunt where anything goes. Having themes, like murder mysteries or pirates etc, attached to the on-line hunts can be constricting as more emphasis is placed on forcing the themed questions into a set route. This takes away from the real attraction...the place itself!
A theme for a teambuilding event however can be very effective though as it allows for creativity and originality to come through. I have just taken a booking in Brighton for a teambuilding event for a company who did a Black Cat treasure hunt two years ago. I feel a theme coming on in order to keep this fresh and enable me to lead them around all sorts of different places compared to sticking to a particular route.

Q3: Sussex only did you say?
A3: Not exactly! I have turned down enquiries to do hunts in Bristol and Liverpool this year because they would not have been cost effective for either me or the groups booking, but London is definitely within range. Some of the companies there have got a little carried away with their pricing.As, or maybe more, importantly I have been able to integrate the USP`s (Unique Selling Points - I don`t mind a bit of marketing speak!) of Black Cat Treasure Hunts into London treasure hunt scenarios. The bigger companies there don`t have time to focus on the participants in advance in the same way that Black Cat does. I utilise info and photos about/of the people taking part and work that into the questions and mini challenges comprising the hunt. The group in the photo are doing a birthday treasure hunt around the V&A museum.

Q4. How much notice do you need to write a personalised treasure hunt?
A4. This is a very good question! I have taken on bookings of that nature with a week to go before the event if everything has been decided already, such as start/finishing points, length of hunt,style of hunt. However, normally it`s nicer to get at least 3-4 weeks lead in so that I can timetable all the confirmed bookings, especially in the peak treasure hunting months.
Having said all that, I have just taken two hen party treasure hunt bookings for 2022! I think after the whole experience of the last 18 months and having to delay bookings and re-schedule, people are getting in early now. Black Cat Treasure Hunts do not require deposits either, which allows for groups to get their finances organised first.

Q5. We have never been to the place we are booking the treasure hunt in. Do you have any recommendations for accommodation/eating/drinking/other activities/parking/karaoke(!)?
A5. This is actually an important part of our customer care/experience. Black Cat does not gain financially from any link ups but has a large knowledge relating to the answers to all of the above. Being independent in this respect is a real advantage and appreciated by our treasure hunt bookings. Sometimes I wish I didn`t know as much about car parking in Sussex as I do! Aim for the one behind the train station in Brighton if you are visiting by the way!
For London treasure hunts I ensure that groups or companies generally pick their own finishing points, but it is certainly an advantage to be based in the same county as the treasure hunt venue in this respect.

Q6. We are planning a staycation in Sussex. Come on...where is your favourite treasure hunt?
A6: Ha! Ha! This question is not fair! I consider myself to be a specialist in personalised treasure hunts (see USP from earlier) and because of that I like all the places I am asked to write them. This includes indoors (museums/stately homes/aquariums!) and on different modes of transport (cycling/driving).
There are different types of reasons for having treasure hunts in all types of places.Brighton and London have lots of question options which is handy, but Chichester has variety too, Lewes is historical, Worthing has unexpected attractions, Eastbourne seafront packs in the questions whilst Rye is very distinctive with its cobbled streets and sense of humour.
I hope I have wriggled out of answering this question as really it doesn`t matter because it`s down to you to decide on your favourite. The more treasure hunts you do the higher up our leaderboard you can get too!

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