All In For Fun.No Holds Barred.

All In For Fun.No Holds Barred.

Posted on: 26/01/2021

23 blogs ago I wrote a blog, at the start of May 2020, about our All-In No Holds Barred Indoor Treasure Hunt Challenge. I have to admit at the time I thought it would be a good activity for the last phase of the first lockdown and maybe rainy weekend nights in the future. I did not think it would be qualifying for a third lockdown reminder here in 2021!
Alongside your Christmas books and boxsets that your binge watch hasn`t quite completed, I would like to draw attention to 4 different groups that would surely benefit from an indoor adventure to raise the spirits and beat off lockdown blues.
1. School children: Home schooling is back and that sounds tough all round to me. My children are past that age so I can only give all concerned my sympathy. However, on a pro-active note, I think this style of treasure hunt would not only be great as a learning exercise, but also as a post `school day`opportunity to let off steam. I can devise questions and challenges related to school topics. The challenge is to complete as many of them within two hours as possible. You can do this as one household or against friends struggling to come up with original ways of learning.
Putting the learning to one side in the evening then the challenges become a bit more madcap. It`s a great way to have fun and forget that you have been inside.
2. Students:
On-line lectures/learning does not sound like the future of University learning to me and as soon as we are on top of this pandemic I`m sure this will be one of the first things to go. Many students will be stuck at home following the Christmas holidays whilst others will have remained at Uni. Others on specified courses will have returned to Uni. With a total closure on many regular outlets for fun and socialising then I can only strongly recommend that the All In No Holds Barred Indoor Treasure Hunt Challenge is something to be taken very seriously. Zany questions and challenges fall closely in the remit of students and at a competitively low price too. You know it makes sense.
3. Adult Teambuilding: You have used up all the good quizzes in the first two lockdowns and virtual drinks just doesn`t feel quite right when you are trying to keep the spirits up from across your company. This activity can be played against other friends and colleagues in their households across the village/town/city/continent or World where you live. Competitive fun for a couple of hours to bring everyone literally together.
4. Family Fun: Kind of a combination of the other three when the attraction of watching 12 series of The Chase back to back has worn off. You can use any resource at your disposal to answer the questions and complete the challenges in the time permitted. As a result there is no such thing as cheating in this event. Phone a friend?...if you like. Google...may be handy for one or two.
However..when it comes to building a  tower out of chocolate and chocolate biscuits then it really is down to your skills and imagination only.

So, I make no apologies for reminding you about:

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