Brighton Team Building Treasure Hunts. Why They Are Right For You and Better Than Christmas Wreath Making.

Brighton Team Building Treasure Hunts. Why They Are Right For You and Better Than Christmas Wreath Making.

Posted on: 24/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Brighton team building treasure hunts
are high up on the list of Black Cat Treasure Hunts favourite treasure hunts to write. Every company has their own story of what they want to achieve from an activity. Whether it`s an opportunity to look around Brighton after spending a day in conference, a fun reward for business success or as Google itself says:
"Most notably, team building events are used to bring together every member of staff, aiding communication and teamwork across every area of the business. Additional transferable skills such as leadership, adaptability and problem solving are often picked up during these activities, too."

Brighton is a compact city and as such I aim to cover a wide cross section wherever you choose to start and finish the treasure hunt. I include written directions only when you need to make a change of direction. However, as mentioned, each member of staff in their own treasure hunt team will need to keep an eye open for these changes and communicate about the answers to the questions and how to complete the challenges included.
Each team building treasure hunt team can often have a team leader who reads out the questions, directions, and controls how quickly the team move on. Some companies have a bit of fun with their teams by adding team names or coloured hats/clothing or supply mystery items to include in the challenge photos and video clips. 
The questions can be phrased in a cryptic way to enable problem solving, but then when you are in the right place the answer becomes easy. Hard enough to be challenging, but easy enough for everyone to get satisfaction from completing.
The challenges provide a contrast and don`t need to be done in the order supplied and can often be done in more than one place. Some of the challenges (as well as the questions) can be connected to the company or the staff taking part or even adopt a theme. For example, recent bookings have included a Bargain Hunt, a Christmas party and Cluedo themes. This is where teams and individuals can show their adaptability. Creative challenges requiring the team to work together is my speciality and they add a lot of fun to the event. 
Whether your company is Brighton based or visiting Brighton for the first time, the aim of a Brighton team building treasure hunt is to ensure that it doesn`t matter what your level of prior local knowledge is. Brighton based teams may know some of the street names and of course any attractions referenced, but they will still need to be in the right place to get the answers correct. I also like to include less well travelled streets alongside the better-known ones too. A Brighton team building treasure hunt wouldn`t be complete without the latest in the city `s vibrant street art scene featuring several times. It is that type of thing that adds to the current, fresh feel of the treasure hunt. Add in The Lanes, The Royal Brighton Pavilion, the seafront and the i360 tower and you will start to realise that your team will enjoy exploring alongside the problem solving.
A Brighton team building treasure hunt can start at your hotel or preferred lunch venue maybe if it is an afternoon activity. Alternatively, maybe you are travelling down by train, it is good to know that the train station is actually an excellent place to start as well. It is located near the quirky and interesting North Laine area of the city. Having a shared, new experience can often be an excellent benefit of one of these team building treasure hunts.
So now you can see the team building benefits emerging. The next step is to get in contact and let me know your vision. I love a theme, but equally enjoy introducing you to what Brighton has to offer if you are a first timer to this part of the World.
My name is Tim (or Black Cat if you want to get personal!) and you can start your enquiry by contacting me on or phone (01323) 655346. 

Still need re-assurance that this is a better bet than cocktail making or Christmas wreath making? set high standards! OK...see below for some Google reviews and other testimonials.

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