Christmas Has Come Early. A Treasure Hunt to Remember.

Christmas Has Come Early. A Treasure Hunt to Remember.

Posted on: 24/11/2023

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

It`s around about this time of year that my mind turns to Christmas. The glistening snow...the sound of sleigh bells and the giving and receiving of presents wrapped in colourful paper and secured with a bow. No?..your`s doesn`t?!...actually mine neither! However, two weeks ago I was advised to send through details of Christmas treasure hunt packages to the marketing team for VisitBrighton, of which I am a partner. I thought about doing so briefly but decided not to do so on principle. You start wishing your life away and there it is gone!
The thing is those guys know what they are talking about. There are companies gearing up 3 to 4 months in advance to book engaging activities and a meal/night out afterwards for their teams. I crumbled a few days ago and sent in my Christmas treasure hunt information. It`s probably too late and I`ve missed the boat. Santa has most likely been booked to deliver a cocktail making class to 86% of companies in Brighton or those splashing the cash and coming down for a few days from London. Why didn`t I just tell them straight away about my newly themed Cluedo treasure hunt or submit a special `Book by August Bank Holiday and get 20% off a personalised treasure hunt`?  All I can say is it just didn`t feel right.
Nero, the Roman Emperor, supposedly played the fiddle  (lyre) whilst Rome was ablaze with a dangerous fire. Doing nothing whilst you should be taking decisive action causes disaster is the takeaway moral of that story- even if it`s not true! Guilt has been gnawing away at me for the last two weeks. Apart from the fact that I can`t play any musical instruments the thought crossed my mind that I should have been taking decisive marketing action to ensure the potential for Christmas income did not crash and burn.
So... here I am on Bank Holiday Monday with no exclusive offer and my marketing plan for Christmas in disarray. I can only ask you, if you read this in the next few weeks, and have any influence at all on the decision relating to Christmas entertainment to bear in mind the options detailed below:
The Cluedo treasure hunt is the perfect, interactive activity (not sure those two words should be together) if you have booked a private venue. Work out the clues, track down the answers and find out whether it really was Professor Plum with the candlestick in the library. This really is the best version of the classic Christmas board game.
A personalised Brighton treasure hunt is ideal for a teambuilding treasure hunt at Christmas. You can choose your start point (your office after an early finish?) and also your finish point ( a pub for a drink before your Christmas meal maybe?) I can integrate fun facts and photos about the staff into the questions and challenges. Alternatively, I can just go full force into an unashamedly Christmas theme. Better start practicing Good King Wenceslas now if you want to win that one.
What about that special Christmas offer I mentioned? Look...keep it between you and me, but if you mention the title of this blog when you make the booking enquiry I will give you a nice discount that will probably get you a promotion at Christmas. I can`t say fairer than that. Happy Christmas!

To make an enquiry contact Tim on or call (01323) 655346.

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