Booking and Attending a Black Cat Treasure Hunt.What Happens from Start to Finish.

Booking and Attending a Black Cat Treasure Hunt.What Happens from Start to Finish.

Posted on: 05/05/2022

Picture have been put in charge of booking the company team building event or maybe you are the head bridesmaid booking activities for the hen weekend. A bespoke or personalised treasure hunt courtesy of Black Cat Treasure Hunts has caught your eye (of course it has!) and it`s time to get things organised. What do you actually do and what happens? This blog makes everything simple and easy to follow. If only all of life was like this!

Before The Day

Step 1: Contact me via email (or via the website enquiry form)

My email is  You can call, but I will respond to emails in less than a day and usually much quicker when I am on the laptop. Give brief details of why you want a treasure hunt and numbers attending if you would like a precise quote. ie a hen party treasure hunt or a team building treasure hunt or for a birthday or other celebration.

Step 2: I reply with full details of what is included and a quote based on numbers attending.

I will send you a short booking form if you want to make the booking or the option of discussing things further if you want anything clarified.

Step 3: You complete and return the form to confirm the booking.

This includes the date, where you would like the hunt to start and finish and whether you would like me to attend on the day to organise the event/do the marking/judging/small presentation.

Step 4: I email you ideas for info/photos about the hen or participants or agree a theme.

This is how I personalise the hunt or make it bespoke. I incorporate the info and photos into the mini challenges and questions that comprise the hunt itself. Adopting a theme is an alternative method that  works well with larger numbers. For some groups a theme means being able to discover and explore the best parts of their chosen place in Sussex. Black Cat is an expert at that too.

Step 5: You send back the agreed items (if required) and relax. I write the hunt.

It`s nice to get a job ticked off your list. Once I have completed writing the hunt I will send you a first draft in case you want to make any changes. You can still take will not give you any advantage seeing it in advance.

Step 6: Agree the final draft and confirm meeting arrangements (if required) for on the day.

As mentioned, my attendance is optional, but it can be nice to have an independent person there on the day to do the final organising and judging, which can sometimes include an element of subjectivity when comparing teams responses to the challenges.

On The Day

Step 1: Meet up at the agreed time/place.

I supply a treasure hunt per team, clipboards and pens. I give out guidelines and set off the teams. You join your team and get ready to have fun.

Step 2: The teams complete the treasure hunt in up to 2 hours.

The teams are normally set off in a staggered start, although larger groups may use a reversed route or on occasions complete`zones` in any order around the route. The teams will be advised what time they have set off and when they are expected to finish so that each team gets the same amount of time.

Step 3: Teams arrive, hand in their answers and discuss their photos/video clips (of the challenges) with Black Cat.

Looking at teams photos/video clips can be very funny and cause for some negotiation on points awarded! Black Cat is an experienced judge and will often compare answers across teams to see who has put the most effort in.

Step 4: Black Cat  gets his calculator out, tallies up the points and announces the results.

I will give a brief summary of the best/worst photos/videos and hand out prizes to all the teams. Note the prizes may not be the most expensive you have ever received, but will be fun, appropriate and along with pride undoubtedly memorable.
You and your friends,collegues,family carry on relaxing and having fun. You get lots of thanks/praise for organising a great, fun event!

Contact me (Tim) on to get your treasure hunt booking underway.

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