7 Skills and Personality Types You Need In The Ideal Treasure Hunt Team.

7 Skills and Personality Types You Need In The Ideal Treasure Hunt Team.

Posted on: 03/05/2022

Whenever a team building treasure hunt comes around or a treasure hunt with teams, I am often asked what factors make up the perfect team. This blog has uncovered the seven best skill characteristics and/or personality types required to make up a winning team. Funnily enough though,this weekend, I am hosting a hen party treasure hunt with a group of 18 who are completing the hunt altogether! The thing is they will still need these skills/people to come to the fore in order to beat the points targets I have set for them.
So what are the `skill types` needed; and remember in small teams the participants will ideally need to double up on these, to achieve treasure hunt greatness!

1. An Organiser: I hesitate to say a leader as that will give the wrong impression. The organiser will typically be the one who takes control of reading out the treasure hunt questions and upcoming directional changes. This person can to an extent set the pace for the team. Clearly this person will play an important part in maintaining the confidence of the team as they tick off the questions.

2. The Creative: Often assumes the role of looking after the challenge sheet separately from the rest of the hunt. The creative plays the yang to the organisers ying because the challenges can be done in any order and sometimes are completed off the route itself. It might help if these first two know each other well! The creative will be looking at opportunities (and opportune moments) to complete the challenges in the best and most inspiring ways for the team.

3. The Tactician: Although a strategy may have been discussed before the start by the whole team, it will be up to the tactician to interpret this on the way round as things develop. He/She acts as a kind of intermediary between the organiser and the creative. If the questions in the hunt are being answered easily and in good time then they will want to maintain that harmony. If the points scoring has been slower then it may be time to call in the creative to work their magic.

4. The Answer Seekers: Integral part of the team, maybe with eagle eyes and an awareness of their surroundings as well as good listening skills to understand what they have been told to look out for by the organiser and the creative. Their sole focus is to keep gathering the points for the team! Maybe they are the `foot soldiers`, but without skilled answer seekers you are not going to win or do well if you are in one group.

5. Stranger Engagers: Like the kicker on an American Football team the stranger engager can appear to be on the periphery of the action for much of the time. However, they are in fact extroverts at heart especially when they are called into action. The creative  needs to give the stranger engager a little bit of warning that they will be required, as the challenges are more often the moment when their skill set is called upon. Getting strangers to take part, or maybe getting some local knowledge that the other teams have not thought about, is  the remit of these participants and can make all the difference between winning and coming second.

6. The Timekeeper: A competitive  Black Cat Treasure Hunt normally has a maximun time limit of 2 hours. This sounds quite a long time, but with approx 30 questions and 5/6 challenges to complete it can fly by. The timekeeper has to be strict with the rest of the team if they are taking too long on an answer or talking too much about a challenge. The timekeeper can be an answer seeker of course, but they will also be having quiet words with the organiser if the pace needs to liven up. Losing points by arriving back late ,or giving the judges a reason to vote against them in the case of a tie, can be critical.

 7. Photographer/Video Taker: Works alongside the creative, as advice is given before the start that photos and video clips of the challenges must be kept on one mobile. Occasionally the enemy of the timekeeper, but nevertheless a brilliant photo or video can cause the judge, especially Black Cat if he is in attendance, a lot of happiness and the urge to award a bonus point here and there. Must possess a keen eye to ensure that the challenge is not just recorded, but enhanced.Occasional game changer!

The question is which one or ones(!) are you?

As you discuss your next team building event or celebratory occasion remember how Black Cat Treasure Hunts can create something that will involve all your employees/colleagues or friends and family. To start your bespoke or personalised treasure hunt booking contact me (TIm) on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk

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