A 5 Line Review. 11 Good Reasons to Do a Treasure Hunt with Black Cat.

A 5 Line Review. 11 Good Reasons to Do a Treasure Hunt with Black Cat.

Posted on: 07/04/2022

By Tim Carter (Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

I always like a nice review here at Black Cat Treasure Hunts HQ, but this one (below) particularly caught my eye recently.
"Such a great experience, it was for my sisters hen do and 12 of us split into 3 groups and had the best time around Brighton! The weather was glorious, we got to see loads of the city (partly why I wanted to book here!) and Tim was a great sport! I'd recommend booking him as it takes the stress out of doing it all yourself, and means we could concentrate on answering the fun questions! Great communication in the lead up to it and so many photos to relive the memories :)"

Only five lines long, but it actually encapsulates eleven good reasons to consider booking Black Cat Treasure Hunts to write your personalised treasure hunt. I wonder if she is available to write all my social media posts?!
What then can you take away from this review to help make up your mind?

1. A great experience: This is a key point. My treasure hunts are not the type requiring you to solve complex mathematical puzzles or work out the best route on a map. Having a great experience is the most important thing by sharing it with friends and discovering a chosen venue whilst laughing along the way is a powerful combination. 
2. For my sister`s hen do: Personalised treasure hunts for hen do`s are one of the most popular choices.Start and finish where you want and include photos and info about the bride to be in the challenges and questions. Your sister (or friend)will definitely appreciate your choice of activity.
3. Split into 3 groups: Apart from hen parties I also write team building treasure hunts and both are probaby better when done in teams (although small groups work well in one team). Get the competitive juices flowing and have a great laugh at the end when Black Cat produces some original prizes.
4. The best time around Brighton: I know all the best routes in this City (but also across Sussex). You are guaranteed to have the best time as you will see so much in a period of just two hours.
5. The weather was glorious: Maybe a controversial claim, but Sussex is of course on the South Coast and can often lay claim to the best weather! Two days in a row before this treasure hunt it was snowing(!), but on the day the sun gods looked kindly on us. A bit of good old fashioned praying is a good bet in sunny Sussex!
6. We got to see loads of the city: This is down to rigorous route planning and testing. In addition whoever is making the booking can ask for their preferred start and finish points. From these a route is plotted to achieve the widest cross section of any chosen venue in the county.
7. Tim was a great sport! This refers to the post treasure hunt round up when I do the marking and subjective assessment of photos/video clips. I also do a round up of each teams highlights and present prizes. I am always ready for some good natured barracking and hilarity!
8. Booking him takes the stress out of doing it all yourself: Hiring me on the day is an optional extra cost. If you want to save a bit of money then I will send you clear guidelines on how to make your event go smoothly. However, I have noticed a move towards checking my availability. After all, if you are the person arranging the booking and putting the effort in before the day, what you really want is to have fun like everyone else when it comes to the actual event. 
9. We could concentrate on answering the fun questions: The questions and mini challenges are all about the bride (hen party treasure hunt) or the team (team building treasure hunt). I focus on the amusing, the quirky and the unusual achievements of those taking part..or on agreed theme. 
10.Great communication in the lead up to it: I have had a lot of training in customer service in previous leisure related jobs.Quick replies to questions, keeping you up to date with progress,suggestions for local amenities and checking of requirements all ensure that there are no nasty surprises on the day.
11. So many photos to relive the memories: As mentioned in 1. it is about having a great experience and number 11. is about being able to look back and smile at what went on. The treasure hunt and in particular the mini challenges are designed to do just that.

If you are inspired by this review and would like your own personalised treasure hunt for whatever event or celebration you are planning then contact me, Tim, on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk 

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