How To Turn One Treasure Hunt Booking Into Four. A Black Cat Treasure Hunts Guide To Keeping Things Fresh.

How To Turn One Treasure Hunt Booking Into Four. A Black Cat Treasure Hunts Guide To Keeping Things Fresh.

Posted on: 15/02/2022

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat treasure Hunts)

Yesterday I took a booking for someone`s fourth personalised treasure hunt. So not exactly four weddings and a funeral, but they were for team building, two birthdays and making up for lost time due to Covid events!
After I happily booked them in and agreed some details, it got me thinking as to what you need to do to entice repeat bookings when it comes to treasure hunts or indeed other sources of entertainment.I looked at how the bookings came about and what influenced the re-bookings.
*The team building treasure hunt was for a company based just outside London who were coming down to Brighton for the day. The lead organiser for the company played a critical part here as she was on the ball in terms of chasing her colleagues up to send back info/photos to  me so that I could personalise the hunt.
A circular treasure hunt back to their hotel worked neatly so that they were ready in time for their evening meal.The event went very smoothly and a happy review was received.
*That was in  the Summer of 2018 and I thought nothing more until a few months later I got an enquiry from the same lady, but this time for a friend whose birthday was in the Autumn. He too wanted a treasure hunt in Brighton. I was in attendance again and met them all off the train at the Brighton station. This allowed me to set a different route to the earlier one, finishing almost on the seafront. It was also a great place to cover an excellent cross section of the City from.
A lot of fun was had in their teams ending in a promise that they would like to do another one the following year. I of course said I would look forward to it and suggested they look at a new venue to change things up.
*Sure enough..towards the end of the Summer (2019) I got the call for another birthday treasure hunt for the same guy, but this time in London. Several options were looked at, but I settled on Camden Town for the first time. In fact it started in Regents Park, near London Zoo and of the early questions did involve some penguin spotting! 
To save costs for them It was not worth me going back up to London to organise on the day and do the marking like I had in Brighton. However they were keen for someone (me) to do the marking independently. Four Whatsapp teams later and a delayed, remote marking from me and the problem was solved. It really was a great event starring Amy Winehouse impressions and clues all around the brilliant markets and along the canal. See you next year they said. Great I said.
*2020..enough said. 
*2021..too many issues going on still of course and travel restrictions were problematical. I didn`t hear anything from them and concentrated on local bookings.
*2022.."Hey! How you doing? Do you fancy writing another treasure hunt for about 30 of us in June in Brighton?" 
"Of course I replied. I`ll be there, but June...isn`t that a bit early for his birthday treasure hunt?"
" It is, but he said this was to make up for lost time not going out with friends in the last few years and missing out on a treasure hunt!"
And so preparations are underway for version 4. I have some ideas for a different route in Brighton that will freshen up the options for new questions and photo/video challenges. I think they will like it. Now if they wanted a fifth one...I might need to look at a different venue!

So..whether you would like to book your first personalised treasure hunt or your fourth, I am always up for a challenge. I aim to be adaptable and provide variety. Contact me (Tim) on: 

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