How A Treasure Hunt Will Help Keep Your Event To Time. A Black Cat Case Study of 2 Hen Parties.

How A Treasure Hunt Will Help Keep Your Event To Time. A Black Cat Case Study of 2 Hen Parties.

Posted on: 02/02/2022

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

Getting the timings right for a special event or day are crucial and can make all the difference between success and failure. This fact struck me when I had two similar enquiries on the same day relating to the timings of two hen parties. This blog looks at the two of them and how Black Cat Treasure Hunts will be able to help them keep on track for a great time.

Party 1: Two day event starting on a Friday night:
This party is starting off in a fairly, hen party classic way with games,drinks and pizza based inside their accommodation. It is a warm up event for a full-on day on the Saturday. However, the implication was that it was not going to make for an early night and asleep by 10.30pm. No!..This is a chance for a group of 14 girls to catch up with each other, some of whom may not have met for a considerable amount of time. I don`t think you need me to tell you how that is likely to end.
I predict laughter, light headedness and maybe a slight feeling of fragility the following morning. This is the first part of the hen party though that the hen party organiser and Black Cat will be able to co-ordinate to effect. It was decided that Black Cat should arrive at 11am to start the treasure hunt. This will allow time for waking up, a couple of cups of coffee and hopefully some breakfast to re-invigorate the hens!
A personalised hen party treasure hunt normally takes two hours to complete, but on this occasion it has been agreed to reduce the maximum amount of time for the teams to finish to 1 3/4  hours.That doesn`t sound a drastic reduction, but it will be important bearing in mind the next part of their plans.As they are going to be based on the western side of Brighton, it was felt that the centrally located clock tower was a good place to finish and hand in the answers to Black Cat. On retiring to their accommodation for a casual, buffet style lunch this will allow for plenty of time   marking/judging and awarding of treasure hunt prizes.
Suitably refreshed and relaxed this group will be ready for their afternoon of drinks and flower crown making followed by an evening takeaway with a Butler in the Buff(!) and then `out,out` by 9pm for bars and clubs. As part of the service Black Cat has provided some good links for the top rated bars and clubs in the city which will allow the group to prepare a route for later on too. 
This hen party are definitely set fair for a great weekend that has every chance of going to plan!

Party 2 : One day event starting from the British Airways i360 Tower, Brighton.
For those of you who don`t know, the i360 is a 162 metre tower with a circular,ascending pod that allows a 360 degree panorama of the city. It really gives great views and promotes a desire to go and explore the city straight away. This is of course where Black Cat Treasure Hunts slots in, to provide a hen party treasure hunt starting from the base of the tower and then heading towards some other city attractions like the sea front, The Lanes,The Royal Pavilion and The North Laine.
The end of the hunt is to co-incide with lunch.This is, of course, a Brighton based treasure hunt and so lunch is obviously going to be fish and chips on the pier! 
It will be up to me to ensure the last question of the treasure hunt  is written on the pier and that the route is fixed to make this happen. The hen party will therefore be able to maximise the amount of time they have to eat and gives them an option of completing the marking/judging and declaring of a winning treasure hunt team before moving on.
This party are intending to head to Alcotraz after lunch, which is a themed cocktail bar with actors. It is also close to the Pier and allows the group a smooth transition. The end of this activity will be late afternoon and gives the group flexibility and time to have a go at the marking/prize giving if they were not able to do so on the pier. Building in a bit of `slack time` can be very useful and is occasionally neglected by groups trying to cram in as much as possible.
This group can either go to another bar or go back to their accommodation to complete the treasure hunt aspect befor relaxing and then contemplating their evening festivities.
I have found this hen party organiser to be well aware of the importance of timings and I am sure they will get to do everything they want in the way they want to do it.

To start your personalised treasure hunt booking and to nail down your timings please contact me (Tim) on   
Black Cat has a background in sport and leisure event organisation which has proved very helpful when it has come to these types of occasions.

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