Season End or `Tis the Season To Be Jolly.

Season End or `Tis the Season To Be Jolly.

Posted on: 04/01/2022

By Tim Carter (Owner of Black Cat Treasure Hunts)

I hope you are having one or two of those nice sunny (albeit slightly chilly) Autumn days this week? It has got me thinking whether a treasure hunt `season` exists in the same way that the Premier League runs from August to May or cricket in England from April to September. I initially came to the conclusion that March to September inc was probably the acknowledged period.

This September has seen a late flurry of bookings including hen parties, teambuilding and our first successful link up with Connected Brighton, aimed at singles or those new to the city. I think this above average month, later on in the year, is reflecting the delayed opportunity to get back to the office and re-connect with others and also the re-arranged weddings and therefore hen parties. Nevertheless, September does seem to have a consistent record now of providing `Indian Summers`. Maybe it should be redefined as a Summer month?

I attended a hen party treasure hunt last Saturday (Oct 2nd) and yes...high winds on the seafront with a good and persistent sprinkling of rain too. The group were brilliant though and powered on through and had a great time. A few days earlier I hosted a highly entertaining, evening treasure hunt with a repeat booking from a local company. These two experiences made me think that really it doesn`t matter what time of the year it is for a treasure hunt. If you are will enjoy it! Late September evening will be cooler (and darker!) might rain!

Just around the corner, in terms of taking bookings, are opportunities for themed treasure hunts including for Halloween(October), Bonfire night(November) and Christmas(December). The last one is my preferred one as it is perfect for a work social treasure hunt just before a Christmas meal...surely a deserved treat after last Christmas?! Don`t worry..I`m not asking you to rush out and buy Christmas puddings just yet, but get in contact on to get the ball rolling on a fun, value for money teambonding event!  Another event with Connected Brighton has already been booked in for December 4th including a meal/drink and Christmas games in the pub afterwards.
reasure hunts can be purchased as personalised Christmas presents and used at any time next year or if you prefer as a family activity to do during the Christmas period itself. For those of you who don`t want to think about Christmas just yet you may be wondering about the rest of the `close season`..January and February. I would have to say those two months are definitely quieter in terms of writing treasure hunts, but busy ones for planning and booking them. So, if you are missing the whole treasure hunt experience at the start of 2022 it is clearly time to devise a new brief or original theme for Black Cat to bring to life in the Spring,Summer new favourite month...September!

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