What`s in a Theme? 6 Great Ways to Choose a Treasure Hunt Theme.

What`s in a Theme? 6 Great Ways to Choose a Treasure Hunt Theme.

Posted on: 21/07/2021

Black Cat Treasure Hunts specialise in treasure hunts that are personalised or bespoke. This often means including info and photos about/of the participants such as for teambuilding. Another popular way to do this is by using a theme to time together a good selection of the questions, challenges and presentation of the hunt. If you are stuck on deciding a theme or want to know about some very successful treasure hunts that have incorporated themes recently--here is Black Cat`s round up of his top six.
1. It`s all about the bride to be or about the birthday person: A cross over with the info and photos of a participant, but the hen party treasure hunt is great for bringing people together as different groups of friends can focus on the one special person and how they have shared great times. Black Cat provides ideas for what to include to make sure this `theme`is carried off perfectly. Similarly, a birthday treasure hunt will use challenges connected to the the year that person was born to add an extra element.
2. Link to your job:A recent booking for a treasure hunt in Shoreditch, London has thrown up a great theme that I am enjoying researching. A company of smart, fun loving lawyers have requested a crime theme to run through their treasure hunt. You would be surprised by how many well known crimes I have uncovered with connections to that particular area. The Great Train Robbery and some gruesome bodysnatchers selling bodies for medical research provide ideal material for a sensational and enthralling hunt around the East of London!
3. Sporting Event: These types of treasure hunt work best in teams and, as such, are neatly aligned to competitive types who enjoy sporting contests too. Why not adopt the recent football Euro`s or upcoming Olympics for your theme. Your team could be a country and the questions could include foods,flags,famous people,unusual links-basically anything connected to the competing countries.
4. A Day In History: Maybe the chosen day for your treasure hunt co-incides with a famous day in history. The challenges could involve re-creating a scene from that day or link up to a well known film about it.
5. The place is the star:If you are new to a particular city or town you may well want to focus on what makes the place special. Finding the quirky questions is a Black Cat Treasure Hunts speciality of course, but so too is uncovering lesser known facts about people connected to the place. This photo features Margot Fonteyn in Reigate.

6. Go a bit crazy!: Sometimes the participants just want to do something out of the ordinary and make the theme reflect it. Black Cat`s all time favourite treasure hunt was when the dark wizards took on the white wizards in their search for magical treasures spread around Brighton and the South Downs.Other fancy dress choices have also fitted in seamlessly to the choice of a theme.

Have you got an original theme that you would like to bring to life?! Contact info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk to start your booking.

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