Going The Extra Mile For A Great Treasure Hunt.

Going The Extra Mile For A Great Treasure Hunt.

Posted on: 14/07/2021

I  recently completed writing a hen party treasure hunt. I did feel it had gone well and the person I liaised with  seemed to be on the same wavelength as to what I needed to enable a fun and entertaining hunt. 
The first response I received ,when she had read an initial draft, said:
"Ahhhh! This is amazing :D some of those challenges will be hilarious, I think you've done a great job in incorporating the memories along with Brighton history! "
I thanked her for her comment and completed the hunt with a few small changes and sent on the answers and some on the day guidelines for the group to use to ensure the hunt goes smoothly. I got a follow up response when this was done:
"Perfect, thank you! I've sent the money. I got my numbers mixed up and there are only 19 of us for the hunt, however I think you're underselling yourself at your suggested price so I've rounded it up . That's still really good value for what you've done for us, so thank you so much! "
The `rounding up` wasn`t a case of a few extra pounds...it was actually double the price of what I had charged and I hadn`t even made an error on the invoice!

Apart from being a very happy customer, I started to think about what had inspired her to pay well above what I had asked for. I came to the following four conclusions, which I will endeavour to remember in  future and could be helpful across any business.
1. Solve a problem: This hunt had initially been delayed by Covid -19 and then when everything was looking good, most of the restrictions were kept in place and they had to amend their weekend to a day instead. They kept the treasure hunt as part of their day because I held off charging a deposit, re-wrote parts of the treasure hunt and gave suggestions about where to start the hunt and where to have a drink outdoors to do the marking/judging of their hunt. In other words, the stress of change had been minimised for them with a few tactical tweaks.
2. Empathy: The person organising the hen party was very organised and probably the perfect choice by the hen for party co-ordinator. However, by putting myself in their shoes as to the challenges they had faced I came up with a strategy of supplying more detailed/varied options. For example,the group were trying to decide where to have a drink after their meal and then get back up to a train station. I gave them links and my opinion on 3 different places--one near the station, one near the restaurant and the one with maybe the best `vibe`. I could have given them just the names and let them get on with it. I also researched on Google maps to see how long it would take to walk back to the station from each one.
3. Sense of humour/enthusiasm: This approach was adopted at an early stage by me and the person booking. Yes, there had been setbacks assosiated with the booking, but by using a little irony and focussing on the fun aspects of the day and the treasure hunt itself, the sense of expectation for their day is definitely undiminished.
4. Understand the brief: It was for a hen party treasure hunt of course, but each one supplies it`s own info and photos relating to the hen and other participants. The skill is to include the best and most appropriate things you have been given and intertwine them into the questions and challenges that comprise a Black Cat treasure hunt. This factor should not be understated and is the one that normally draws the most complements.

I have been paid more than I asked for before and although it`s tempting, on occasion, to hike the prices up, it is actually more satisfying and pleasing to be paid more in these type of circumstances. Good luck with `going the extra mile` in your business and please share your best practices for success.
To start your treasure hunt booking that will go the extra mile in quality (rather than distance!) contact Tim by email on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk  (or use the contact tab on this website).
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