The 10 Best Things About Our Eastbourne Treasure Hunt

The 10 Best Things About Our Eastbourne Treasure Hunt

Posted on: 01/06/2021

It`s sunny and warm in what seems like the first time this century! The options on what I could do today are almost endless, but with social distancing regulations in place for at least another three weeks my preferred choice is to nip over to the `sunshine coast` of the South! For those of you who didn`t read the title and are unsure of where I am referring to, then there really is no other place like Eastbourne for a sun drenched treasure hunt.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts`route takes you along a large part of the seafront running from The Grand Hotel to Princes Park. Alternatively, if you finish your ice creams early then the Pier is offered as a finishing and starting point for the Eastern and Western sections of the larger treasure hunt. What then makes Eastbourne`s walking treasure hunt a special one? Here are ten reasons...

1. Sea view all the way no hassle: The seafront road entering the town from the West is wide and has lots of relatively cheap parking. You can get really close to the start of this treasure hunt without hassle. Brighton has lots going for it, but cheap,easy access is not really one of them.

2. Posh sandwiches/cream tea to start: Or.. crack on over the road to the first statue. As mentioned earlier, this treasure hunt starts right in front of The Grand Hotel. If you happened to have saved any money over the last year then you may want to start with a plate of sandwiches with their crusts cut off and a selection of nice looking cakes. On the other hand,I promised you sunshine and it`s probably best to see what Eastbourne has got to offer straight away.

3. Make a wish..big wheel or Martello Tower?: You head East immediately on this hunt and during the Summer, Eastbourne has got into the habit of putting up one of those large, rotating viewing wheels. You may want to try it out early or, literally just behind it, inspect the locally named `Wish Tower`. I`m not sure anyone knows why it is called this at it is really a Martello Tower. These were defensive fortresses along the South Coast designed to protect the county from the French or smugglers too.

4.  Picnic Part One or Find out how far Rome is from Eastbourne: As you walk down to the beachfront path there is nice grassed area on your left which could be nice for a picnic or tracking down a distance marker that will help you answer about Rome.

5. Life`s a Beach or a Bandstand: You will be right next to the beach now and you could of course check out a deckchair to relax in. That would be a shame though as not far ahead is the popular and impressive looking bandstand that regularly features tribute bands for all tastes.It also has a connection to The Titanic!

6. No Need to Peer at The Pier: Once you have taken your time at the bandstand, not much further on is the Pier. Everyone loves a Pier and this one is unique for having a camera obscura! It also starred as a `pier double` for Brighton Pier in the filming of the modern version of Brighton Rock because there were less modern buildings around.

7. Interesting History: Helpfully regular information boards cover the history of Eastbourne as you start to walk along the eastern part of this walk. Bathing habits and smuggling amongst other subjects are discussed along here. What`s not to like? 

8. The Redoutable Redoubt:The Redoubt features cannons you can see from the path you are on and if you have time to go inside has tasty cakes at a cafe and a parade ground.The Redoubt is a fort system that alongside the Martello Tower fro earlier was designed to repel Napoleon. A garrison of troops would have been stationed here back in the early 1800`s.

9. Bowls,Crazy Golf, Yachting,Tennis Clubs: As you head towards the end of this varied hunt you come across a selection of sports clubs.Why not take on the pirate themed crazy golf (part of Treasure Island Adventure Park)on your way?

10.Picnic Fit For A Prince: I always think a picnic is a nice thing to take on a treasure hunt. If you haven`t eaten it already at the area detailed at number 4 or on the beach itself then Princes Park, spacious with lots of greenery and with a  boating lake too, provides the perfect place to relax in. There is a childrens playground as well for younger treasure hunters, with excess energy, at the finishing point as well.
So there you go. For £3 only this is an ideal treasure hunt for a family visiting Eastbourne for the first time. Check out more details here.

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