How Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 will help students employment prospects this year.5 ways it will enhance their CV`s.

How Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 will help students employment prospects this year.5 ways it will enhance their CV`s.

Posted on: 04/02/2021

Black Cat Treasure Hunts is looking forward to a business project collaboration with final year business students from Brighton University in a few weeks time. It will be the second time that I have decided there will be the perfect and feasible opportunity for worthwhile job experience for graduating students. I felt that the Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021, in its inaugural year, would provide the ideal vehicle for students to use their fresh,modern,innovative marketing and business skills to drive the idea forward.
The project link up was agreed last year during a non lockdown period when the prospect was for an early 2021 start to its implementation.Things changed! However, in a way, the delay borne by the third lockdown and the difficulties associated with looking forward to events for the Summer have made me even more determined to ensure that the students get the best possible outcome from this `taster opportunity`.I read an article in The Guardian last year that highlighted the negative impact on pre graduation placements and internships and subsequent job prospects. The article is available to read in full here. One of the paragraphs I particularly want to highlight is below:

"Routes into graduate jobs have also been affected. Short-term work such as internships and placements will be reduced by almost a third, say the ISE, and 68% of firms have cancelled work experience and taster opportunities. As a result, almost 40% of students are now worried they won’t be able to get a job at all."
Some employment areas are booming nevertheless, but that is not to say we should fail students graduating in roles that are facing a slow down. Black Cat Treasure Hunts will be `pitching`the following elements of the Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 project as the areas to focus on which will enhance their CV`s in a small way when it comes to going for jobs post graduation.
Event marketing during the pandemic requires flexible and creative approaches to identifying and alerting potential participants.Describing the benefits to be had using virtual methods of communication will call on all the students` abilities of presentation and promotion.
This is going to be a key aspect of the project and one that employers always look for evidence of during interviews (in my experience). The onus of course is on me to communicate the aims, goals and parameters of the project, but the students will then need to pick up on those quickly to generate interest in the benefits of taking part in the treasure hunt, such as teambuilding,health,fun and discovery.
Name an employer that doesn`t value teamwork in their employees and you will find a volatile business in jeopardy of failing. A group of 4 or 5 will be looking after this project and with different skill sets and personalities the key will be to work harmoniously and share the work around.Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 features prizes for the top points scorers and in light of that I will be incentivising the students based on the number of entries generated. By working as a team they are more likely to hit their targets.
Initially this sounds a difficult and unobtainable area to succeed in for an undergraduate taking on an event project. However, one of the groups that this event is for falls under the title of concessionaries including NHS,Charities,The Services and...Students! The student group on this project will be able to utilise the required skills, outlined in points 1-3 inc, better when they are direct to their peers.
5.Business Proposals
By the end of the project period the students will need to have written up their experiences in detail and make an analysis on what did or didn`t work in terms of marketing activity.Based on their findings they will need to make recommendations for the future. This kind of work is an essential attribute to be skilled at when applying for new roles.

So there we have it... look out for Brighton University`s `Class of 2021 if you are an employer in the business world.Why not take part in Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 and see how well the students played there part in it.

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