7 Must Do`s For A Great Event

7 Must Do`s For A Great Event

Posted on: 16/12/2020

Black Cat Treasure Hunts are looking forward to next year`s Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 . It got me thinking of course as to what makes for a really good event. Here are seven areas to consider and get right if you are an organiser to make sure your event runs smoothly. Similarly, as a participant, you can look out for the same things to help you decide whether it is going to be worth taking part in this time and again in the future.

1. Organised: Make sure the rules are clear, the entry forms are not too difficult to fill in, all possible questions about the event have an answer, it is well thought out, the timings will work , you have it staffed accordingly. This is just for starters and I think you get the message. Try brainstorming all the elements you need to attend to or simply go online for a detailed list. 
2. Aim/Pricing: What is the purpose of your event? Decide who it`s for and why they may want to take part. Is it a charity event, to help teambuilding or a regulated competition? Your pricing strategy will follow on from this as you also look at the numbers/age of the participants and the length of the event.
3. Content: Is there a normal format for your event? Will you need to promote anything different/unusual so as people know what to expect. How is it to be judged/refereed or marked? Are there standards that can be referred to, to ensure that everything is fair for everyone taking part. Is there a `level playing field`before the start of your event?
4.  Recommendations: The main aim of your event is to get enough people taking part. If it is a competitive event then you will need to look at ensuring skill levels are approximately similar for the contestants. To do any of this it will help if you can point to testimonials/recommendations from people for whom you have arranged an event for before. If it is your first event then start small and get your confidence from great comments.
5. Fun: Of course it may depend on exactly what event you are organising. If you are arranging a top level sports contest it may be considered less fun by the losing team. This will depend on managing the expectations of those taking part. In the world of treasure hunts by linking point 3 (content) to fun it may not really matter whether you win or not so long as you had fun on the way.
6. Trophies/Rewards: Different things matter to different people. People take part in events for the love of a sport, for fun, for health, for social interraction. Some though have their eyes on the prize! Decide at what level you are pitching your event. The winners of a knock out cup will be expecting medals and... a cup! Maybe you need to consider certificates or a nice bottle of wine or something more quirky. What will fit with the nature of your event?
7. Review: This is different from a testimonial in that you are controlling what you want information about. Use a short survey soon after the event to find out what people liked or felt could be improved. Will they take part next time? If you are someone taking part you will appreciate this proactive approach. If you do not wish to give feedback then at least you have had the opportunity.

Black Cat Treasure Hunts looks forward to your enquiries about any type of treasure hunt that you would like arranged. To get started, contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk

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