The Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 and 5 other things to look forward to.

The Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 and 5 other things to look forward to.

Posted on: 09/11/2020

The Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021 is a new event that Black Cat Treasure Hunts have set up to run in 2021. It`s something we are really excited about and think you will have a lot of fun completing it. It`s designed for teams of six to represent your company around four `zones` in Brighton. There will be a range of questions covering the who,what,where,why and how of the city and a number of fun and entertaining challenges requiring you to take photos and short video clips on route.
The event is designed to put a smile on the faces of everyone taking part after the trials,tears and setbacks connected to Covid 19. You can register and enter now (there is an Early Bird discount!) and although we appreciate the virus will have not gone away, it is hoped by the time the event runs, from between 1 May and 31 August, the threat will have subsided significantly.You can complete the hunt at a day(s),time and duration to suit yourselves so long as you send back your answers,photos and video clips before or even on the last day.
There are separate prizes for the best teams representing companies from both in and outside Brighton. In addition for companies entering three or more teams there will be automatic,free entry into an intra-company prize competition.What`s not to like?! You can even get your friends and family involved so long as one person in the team is connected to the company or organisation you are representing. There are concessionary fees for NHS,Services and all- Student teams too.
So..there you have something really positive to look forward to. Further details and the opportunity to download an entry form and frequequently asked questions sheet is available by clicking: Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021

What are the five other thingsBlack Cat is suggesting you can look forward to as well?!

1. Christmas is not cancelled!...We may be in a second lockdown, but we are hopeful that by Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will have the opportunity to visit family and friends.

2.The next James Bond film is ready to be released in April 2021.The passing of Sean Connery recently was sad, but I`m sure this will be a fitting tribute and a suitable blockbuster to get cinemas back on their feet next year.

3.It is expected that spectators will be allowed back in some form to watch live sport in 2021. India are due to tour England in a 5 test match cricket tour next year. Now that will be worth watching.

4.Theatres have suffered with enforced closures. Black Cat is looking forward to them re-opening in 2021 even if it will be later rather than sooner.

5.Finally, you do not have to be super fit to take part in the Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021, but getting back into a gym to get fit for a beach visit on route will be something to look forward to soon as well.

Black Cat likes to think it is a glass half full kind of company and looks forward to all your enquiries for our different types of treasure hunt in 2021 including of course the Brighton Treasure Hunt 2021.

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