More news than a newsy newsletter

More news than a newsy newsletter

Posted on: 30/10/2020

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Half Term 
Stuck for ideas for what to do as a family when there are restrictions/cancellations on many of your normal `go-to` entertainments? A Black Cat treasure hunt could be the answer. A chance to get out in the crisp, Autumn sunshine and solve a few clues is just the thing! Interested?..Drop us an email on for a codeword to enable you to access any of the downloadable hunts for half price. Fancy visiting West Sussex? We have just set up two new treasure hunts in that part of the county. See the next item.

Arundel and Bognor Regis                                                                                                                                                        Why it took so long for Black Cat to set up a treasure hunt in Arundel is one of life`s great mysteries! I`m happy to report this wrong has been righted and a near circular route treasure hunt is now in place. Starting at the museum it incorporates not only the castle, a cathedral, and an impressive church, but also a Greek play about sausages!                                                                                                            The Bognor Regis treasure hunt may be even more varied with Alice In Wonderland characters in Hotham Park, Butlins, a weather station and a fantastic mural of David Bowie.

Christmas                                                                                                                                                                                         I know I know..I promised not to mention this until November,`s just...I didn`t want you to miss out! A personalised treasure hunt for any village, town or city in Sussex for that `oh so difficult to buy for` person or as a family surprise could be yours by contacting me today on  I will give you all the  prices and details. The hunt will be sent as a pdf file to you before Xmas day (if booked by 19th December) and can be used any time in 2021.

I thought Christmas was cancelled?

It has seemed like that recently, but Black Cat is able to adapt Christmas treasure hunts for your office party in two ways. Firstly we can devise a hunt that can be completed in groups of up to six (socially distancing). Alternatively, if your company has adopted a working from home policy then we can arrange an indoor inter-house, no holds barred treasure hunt for the whole family (or support bubble). You know how to get in contact!

New Year, New Ideas
On the basis that 2021 is going to be a little/much/hugely (delete where applicable depending on your mood today) better than 2020...Black Cat is always on the lookout for new ideas. Here are some that he has contemplated and even thought about a little harder recently!
*Personalised date treasure hunts. Surprise that special person and get to know each other even better on a Black Cat treasure hunt.
*Speedboat/catamaran/private bus treasure hunts..ok so these are at the starting gate of happening, but if you own a company with the aforementioned then let me know!
*Language Schools/Study centres. Black Cat has actually written hunts before for these types of organisations.If you have contacts or involvement in this type of thing then please get in touch.
*Summer long, business/organisation team treasure hunt in the City (most likely Brighton) competition. Oooh..things just got interesting! Register your company interest today.

Getting in Touch.                                                                                                                                                              Well..speedily via this email address ( is your best bet. By phone on 07445818996 will get you a call back by the top man. (me!)
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