Your Hen Party Treasure Hunt: Black Cat Treasure Hunts`6 point plan for a way forward.

Your Hen Party Treasure Hunt: Black Cat Treasure Hunts`6 point plan for a way forward.

Posted on: 07/10/2020

Yesterday Black Cat Treasure Hunts signed up to a letter that was presented to the Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP to carry forward to the Government. It was written by leading figures who own wedding related businesses. It detailed the plight of the industry and made a strong case for planning a way forward with a proper plan to bring back to confidence to couples aiming to get married.
As a one man company that creates personalised hen party treasure hunts, Black Cat Treasure Hunts is at one extreme of this dire situation. However, I love writing them and it would be a dereliction of duty not to present our own plan to potential hen party planners as to how we are suggesting a viable event for 2021 and beyond.
With the recent announcement that it could be 6 months+ before the Rule of Six and by default the restrictions to 15 for weddings would likely be eased, it seems as if we are at a critical point for couples who delayed their wedding from 2020 to 2021 and those trying to decide which part of 2021 to hold their wedding. Not that long ago the feeling was there was going to be a big upsurge in weddings for 2021. However it seems now that couples are already looking forward to 2022, but need the security of being able to plan ahead and open communications with venues and associated suppliers. As an associated supplier I want to do everything possible to re-assure prospective enquirers that we are open for business.
From Black Cat Treasure Hunts` perspective, this means a  6 point pledge for your hen party treasure hunt!

1. £0 Deposit required: This is to show adaptability to the situation and that we are willing to hold off from any kind of payment until you receive a first draft of your treasure hunt. This applies to bookings deferred to 2021 and of course those yet to be booked in 2021/22.

2. Book With Confidence: We have already had a number of hen parties put their event back a year so please do not hesitate to choose any date in 2021 or 2022 as we will run with it and change if required.

3. Keeping it current: Black Cat is happy to make extra changes/amendments to your hunt if things change in-between your initial booking and a potential changed date. Black Cat Treasure Hunts prides iteself on the up to date nature of the information,questions and challenges supplied in one of our hunts. Don`t let a little thing like Covid19  make you think it can undermine our quality.

4. Outdoors is the safe way forward: Black Cat has written indoor treasure hunts and supplies car based ones too, but all of our Hen Party treasure hunts are outdoors. This is one of the little steps back to getting your activity good to go again. You can adapt your event by using teams to split up the group and avoid being contained inside. Sussex is a great place for fresh air, sunshine and places to discover in a safe way. You will have the opportunity to read a first draft and ensure it is right for you.

5. Self Managed: Black Cat will provide all the details you need to run your own event. We keep the rules simple. Not only will this save you a lot of cost on something you can easily do yourself, but allows you the important flexibility of deciding when and which day you want to run it. You can even change at the last minute.

6. Working Together=Stronger: Black Cat has contacts across Sussex and particularly in Brighton who are connected to Hen parties and, as such, would be able to arrange discounts on food,drink,karaoke for you at selected places. Advice on additional activities and accommodation providers too. If you are feeling let down/unsettled/unhappy with what has happened to you this year then get in touch and together we will attack next year!

Contact me (Tim) on to discuss your hen party treasure hunt for 2021 or 2022 or even one you want to put back from 2020 to next year.

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