How Teambuilding and Hen Party Treasure Hunts Beat The Pandemic Blues.

How Teambuilding and Hen Party Treasure Hunts Beat The Pandemic Blues.

Posted on: 03/09/2020

It was a combination of headlines really. Second Wave spreading across Europe (as if the first one wasn`t bad enough), uncertainty of school returns, restrictions on numbers in pubs/restaurants/sporting events, exams cancelled until Spring 2021 at least, Greece and Portugal put on the quarantine list. Apart from the first one, none of these directly affected me, but I still had the `Pandemic Blues` for the first part of the day. I began to wonder how I was going to snap out of it and more to the point how I could help others in the same mood!
Then it came to me...Black Cat`s top types of personalised treasure hunts- teambuilding and hen parties- could come to the rescue! Here`s how:

1. Safer Outside: Outdoor weddings have been given the go-ahead as an option. I like this idea and to mirror this development Black Cat Treasure Hunts would like to stress that the majority of their questions and challenges in the hen party treasure hunts are outside too. Easier to social distance..keep that second wave away.
2. Teams rather than big groups: A huge amount of time has been given to the layout of classrooms and offices for the return of children and workers alike. Black Cat`s Hen party and teambuilding hunts are ideally done in teams of 4 or 5 rather than a large group together.This is not an activity where you are enclosed or restricted.
3. Controlled social contact: Video conferencing, Zoom meetings etc are very helpful of course as a way forward through this disaster and some people (and companies) are enjoying the benefits of home working.However, I don`t think anything really replaces proper face to face contact for understanding and relating to other people. It is much more natural. A teambuilding treasure hunt gets your team back together like it should be but in a controlled way. Different `roles`can be taken on
by a treasure hunt team...for example: looking out for clues, reading directions, keeping an eye on the time, controlling the challenges completed. These can be comfortably done without the need to keep too close together.
4. Food,drink and marking on the beach: Some groups have reported difficulty in booking an appropriate place to socially distance when eating at the end of an event. Black Cat`s treasure hunts are mainly based in Sussex and as such have free use of all available beaches for picnics or fish and chips! I will also look to help with privately booked venues if you prefer to be inside.Exams may be cancelled for the moment, but I am happy to mark/judge your answers/photos and video clips on the beach if you bribe me with the occasional chip. (Note: Black Cat is available for hire at teambuilding events).
5. Flexible Dates: Maybe you have come back from a country that  currently means you have to self quarantine and you are the main organiser. Black Cat Treasure Hunts are happy to double check that answers are still in place if you delay your booking. Flexible payment arrangements can also be made.
6. Avoid the rush hour: Some parts of our popular treasure hunt destinations such as Brighton can be busy during the day. No-one said you couldn`t have an evening treasure hunt if that makes you feel more comfortable!

Don`t get the pandemic blues, contact us on to start your teambuilding or hen party treasure hunt booking.

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