7 Ways to Keep Cool on a Black Cat Treasure Hunt

7 Ways to Keep Cool on a Black Cat Treasure Hunt

Posted on: 11/08/2020

So...it`s currently 30 degrees where I am in Seaford which lets be fair is quite warm for a treasure hunt. However, Black Cat is here to give you some ideas as to how to keep cool (or cooler!) as you plan and complete your treasure hunt of discovering and exploring.

1. Keep hydrated. Ok it`s a classic suggestion, but the litre water bottles with built in straws are ideal. Also...top tip!...drink a decent amount of water before you set off rather than waiting until you are hot. This improves physical performance and Black Cat only wants what`s best for you!

2. Get Black Cat route suggestions in advance. This is the kind of service that you don`t get anywhere else! Flatter routes and routes with sea breezes will be top of our lists. It makes sense, so double check with us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk if you think you will benefit from avoiding the tougher routes.

3. Wear white clothes as they reflect the sun and keep you cooler.

4. Or...loose black ones! I have read up extensively on this (ok..for the last 5 minutes) and it seems that loose black clothes heat up the air in-between your body and the clothing. This is funnelled upwards and subsequently keeps you cool. You can thank me later for this information or even now if you are a baggy black t shirt salesman.

5. Cooling spots. Yes I know this article is getting technical. Take an ice pack or cold towel and apply to your preferred cooling spots such as wrist, forehead, neck,head. I promise speedy cooling.

6. Portable fan + mist sprayer. This could be for later on in the treasure hunt as you need a psychological boost that you are keeping cool.

7. Ice cream. Yes you can`t beat the instant cooling hit of the ice cream. Once again Black Cat may be able to advise on likelihood of passing reputable ice cream vans or ice cream outlets on route. I bet you`re glad you read this to the end now.

Enjoy your cool treasure hunt, although some of you may be reading this in the middle of a summer thunderstorm. I will look into keeping safe and dry on a treasure hunt in a thunderstorm next week!

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