Getting Treasure Hunts back Into Your Life. Black Cat`s 10 Point Plan

Getting Treasure Hunts back Into Your Life. Black Cat`s 10 Point Plan

Posted on: 22/06/2020

Black cat realises that everyone is in a different moment and situation at present. This blog looks at the why`s, the when`s and the how`s of bringing treasure hunts back into your life! You know it makes sense...something has to!

  1. The time is not right for me/us to do a treasure hunt outside: I totally understand so here are some ideas in the meantime. Black Cat can send a free, Sussex based quiz with questions related to treasure hunt routes that Black Cat has set up across the county. You could use this on its own or as a section in a bigger quiz. If you have children then why not ask for our free ideas sheet for an indoor scavenger hunt.
  2. Indoors, but a bit more energetic? Black Cat has developed a new product called the All In, No Holds Barred Treasure Hunt Challenge. Can be played by one or more families in their houses during lockdown or on a rainy day. Anything goes in order to be able to answer questions and challenges ranging from the easy to the creatively testing! Google, phone a friend, books, games, food, drink..literally anything can be used to get as many points as possible. Black Cat himself will be on the other end of an email to do the marking after 2 hours of mayhem!
  3. One step at a time. Ask for ideas on where to start: Two metres apart with a friend or as a family together or as the lockdown regulations are eased, Black Cat is happy to advise on the best or most suitable downloadable route from the website for your circumstances. Kind of like a wine of the month guide for treasure hunters….without the wine I`m afraid! By the way..Petworth Park featured above is ideal for a picnic.
  4. Cycling is the way to go. Here is something that pretty much everyone agrees with. Green, safe and healthy. Black Cat has a route set up from Hove to Rottingdean.(viewable online). If you need bikes to hire then we can put you in touch with an excellent father/son run business that is only five minutes cycle from the first clue.
  5. A little bit of driving in the countryside is allowed. The current guidance in Sussex is to steer clear of the beaches to allow for manageable and effective social distancing. Black Cat has two driving hunts (approx. 30 miles one way) online that you can download that take you through some fantastic countryside and on brilliant driving adventures. You never know what you will see. We have a couple more driving hunts on request that are not currently on the website too!
  6. Your Summer holiday may have been cancelled, but Christmas and your birthday haven`t. Our personalised treasure hunts that can be used as Christmas or Birthday presents are designed in such a way that you are not tied down to a specific date or time to do them. They are creative and serve as unusual gifts for the person who has everything!
  7. We will do whatever it takes to contribute to teambuilding/teambonding: Last year a visiting group of Russians (and a Kazakhstani!) asked me to dress in a dark cloak as the `Grand Overlord of Brighton` to give them an inspiring speech about discovering mystical objects around the vicinity in order to appease the ghosts of their forefathers! Oh..and this was halfway up the 18th hole on Seaford Head golf course. For those of you who don`t know it, that is on quite a steep cliff.

Now I appreciate, as in item 1, that the time needs to be right for this type of  treasure hunt. A larger event or getting close to others, discussing which route to take may not be on your to do list today, but working remotely during lockdown makes teambuilding a priority in the future. Planning in advance makes a lot of difference to effective events of this nature. Get in touch for 2021 or if you have a smaller team, for later in this year maybe. Fancy dress is optional of course, but the group mentioned above were dressed in long flowing dresses/beaded faces or as Game of Thrones look-a likes! Let me know when, where and what you have in mind and we can make it happen.

  1. I was “getting married in the morning”, now I`m not until 2021! Black Cat has heard this story quite a few times unfortunately of weddings having to re-schedule for 2021. We have put our hen/stag treasure hunts on hold ready to re-start then. What I would say is that all our treasure hunts for this type of event are personalised with info and pictures relating to the person it is for. The further in advance we are sent the photos/info the better your hunt will be! There is no extra charge for anything that needs to be changed closer to the time next year. It is also great to receive a first draft to re-build the excitement of having something fun to look forward to.
  2. Not the new normal, but new anyway. So the coronavirus has or will change everything, but you will still be arranging a product launch or a foreign students visit or a special event or a re-union in the future. Black Cat has set up treasure hunts for all of these diverse things and is ready to discuss your requirements as and when you need.
  3. When all else fails. When everything is all too much and you just want a good book to read to/with your family then Black Cat is on the case! He is currently writing one of those interactive books where you get to choose your own adventure. Ideal as a way to encourage unwilling readers maybe or children who love a mystery to solve. The first book will lead you round Brighton as you work out the clues and make your choices. A downloadable pdf file for only £1 will be ready in approx. one month from today. Let me know if you would like personal notice of launch day!

Getting in Touch: Well..speedily via this email address ( is your best bet. By phone on 07445818996 will get you a call back by the top man. (me!)

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