52 Days and counting. Looking forward to your treasure hunt!

52 Days and counting. Looking forward to your treasure hunt!

Posted on: 18/05/2020

52 days and counting of lockdown. What have I learnt in terms of providing treasure hunts for current and future fans of Black Cat?! Here are Black Cat`s  six top tips beyond indoor scavenger hunts!
1. Small steps to start: There has been some relaxing of regulations, but completing a treasure hunt 2 metres from anyone else taking part is not ideal or as fun as it should be. Solution: Complete on your own or as your household. There is a wide selection of on-line treasure hunts that you can complete on your smartphone or by printing off to do all around East and West Sussex.
2. Chickens can cross the road, but not Hens!: Hen parties are one of Black Cat`s favourite groups for treasure hunts.It is an ideal activity to do during the day to have a lot of fun discovering your chosen location. Unfortunately this is an activity where social distancing is definitely not helpful. As a result Black Cat suggests looking at 2021 or well into 2020 (most likely) for booking this. The further you book in advance though the better your hunt will be. All the hunts are personalised and the more time we have on that side of things will really allow us to  fine tune it to perfection.
3. Time for teambuilding: Similar in terms of when to book this as per the hen party treasure hunts. However, with your team having work at home and apart from each other for so long the sooner you make the booking (even for next year) will help re-develop a sense of belonging and anticipation.The hunts are made bespoke and can be about the participants. This teambonding activity will make it seem like the good ol` days!

4. 2021 Special Birthday/Anniversary: A lot of people have difficulty buying that special person or couple an original present that will mean something to them. The closer you leave it to the day the more  likely you will land up buying something that doesn`t have quite the same impact. Start organising a treasure hunt booking for them now and your job is done months in advance! You will be 
regarded as the special one as they enjoy their special day!

5. It`s not Christmas everyday, but there is one on 25th Dec!: Similar to number 4, but in a World full of uncertainty there will be a Christmas Day this year! You may not know anyone celebrating a special anniversary or birthday next year so give an original Christmas present this year instead. Black Cat is able to write it so that the recipient(s) can choose their preferred day to complete it.

6.The World hasn`t stopped spinning it just feels like it: You may not be used to working at home and nothing seems real anymore or you may have started back on shifts or sitting 3 metres away from your colleagues. One day you will be taking back control though .You will have a product launch to arrange...a fundraising activity to co-ordinate....an office social to organise. Contact me (TIm!) today on info@blackcattreasurehunts to help start your world spinning again. Make things real again.

I hope this has helped you see a way forward into the future. Start your booking today via info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk or just let us know your suggestions for what type of treasure hunt you would like to take part in.

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