Treasure Hunt Ideas for the future of teambuilding. What will the new normal be?

Treasure Hunt Ideas for the future of teambuilding. What will the new normal be?

Posted on: 29/04/2020

So #staysafestayhome and social distancing are the two big messages that we have all been following to support the amazing NHS. It is likely that the lockdown will continue for some time yet and social distancing in some form for a lot longer. Teambuilding involving getting together as a group has gone on-line for the moment as a way of adapting to these changing times, but in reality it is not nearly as much fun as the real thing. Black Cat can`t wait to get back writing treasure hunts for your teambuilding event, but is always on the look out for new ideas for when some of the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Here are four to get you going, but let us know at if you have some more that you would like us to try out.

1. Theme: Hunted
Based on the TV programme, Black Cat is developing a variation whereby individuals or pairs solve clues and complete challenges and check into Black Cat Treasure Hunts via a Whatsapp group update. Black Cat will assess how the teams are getting on and whether they have made any mistakes. The more mistakes you make the more likely you are to get time penalties and fail to get to the `pick up point` in time. Teams will be given a list of  existing CCTV cameras on route too. Include one of those in a photo or video clip challenge and you pay the consequences! Ask the locals for help, but can they be relied upon not to let the hunters know where you are!
Safety Rating: Very Good- Teams of two only, who can adapt to future social distancing regs.  Numbers: Difficult to go above 12 or so, but excellent for the smaller company teambuilding event.

2.  Unlimited start times, treasure hunt challenge.
A variation on our existing treasure hunt event. Personalised and bespoke treasure hunts that incorporate info and photos of and about the participants. This one can use bigger gaps between teams than before or maybe be set up to run over more than one session/day/week etc to work to any new social distancing guidelines.
Safety Rating: Good- Teams of 4 better for this so will need to have reached a level where this is acceptable. Companies can fix the teams for teambuilding purposes. Numbers: 30-40+ depending on the timeframe made available.

3. Theme: The Apprentice.
Using the edition where teams are challenged to find unusual items on a list. It makes for a time effective and safer hunt whereby teams can all set off at the same time (or spend longer strategising!) and in different directions. Time will need to be allocated afterwards for presentations.
Safety Rating: Good-Very Good. The list of items could be adapted to avoid too much contact with general public. The presentation could be carried out on-line potentially. Numbers: Ideally 4 in a team, but possibly could be less with a total group of 20-25.

4. Driving Treasure Hunts
These are currently offered as downloadable hunts that have also been used for birthday and celebratory events for 2-3 cars (see Wacky Races theme above!). In terms of social distancing we would need to be at the stage where you could share a car with 3 or 4 colleagues. Other than that the safety aspect would be limited to the number of cars looking for clues.
Safety Rating: Medium. These are a lot of fun for 1 -3 cars of participants, but a competitive teambuilding treasure hunt is less conducive to overall safety. it could work better over a period of time.  Numbers: Cars of 4 people if it was over an unstructured length of time could go up to quite a large number.

So there you have it. Black Cat treasure Hunts are currently liaising with other companies who provide teambuilding events to look at ways of moving forward and adapting to the` new normal`(not sure I actually like that phrase!). Remember: Contact with views on these and your own ideas.

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