10 Top Tips for Indoor entertainment during the lockdown.

10 Top Tips for Indoor entertainment during the lockdown.

Posted on: 30/03/2020

During the lockdown the prospect of walking your dog(if you have one!) is considered to be the highlight of your day! Black Cat is not going to take this lying down, although I am almost in that position whilst typing this blog on my bed!
Here are ten ideas you can try to raise your level of interest/excitement whilst indoors. These are all free or relatively low cost and most of them can be tried whether you are alone or sharing a house with other people during this lockdown:

1. Exercise at your level: A crucial one for mental and physical wellbeing. I have been kindly sent the following link by a friend about all the different types of workout you could consider. www.sportengland.org/stayinworkout Everyone is covered from meditation to high intensity workouts.

2. On-line/face time quizzes: I have had a little go at these already. As a family we had a go at a 50 question general knowledge on a video link/laptop. There are also themed ones. We started but didn`t finish a Friends TV prog one. Tonight one of our family relations is setting up a friends/family quiz. If you enjoy a bit of mental stimulation and possibly add a competitive edge then this could be for you.

3. On-line karaoke. Definitely got to be worth a go if you enjoy a bit of a sing song. Link up your laptop to the TV and away you go. Black Cat can recommend our friends at www.luckyvoicekaraoke.com for just such an experience. They also said I can tell you about using a code: LUCKY20 to get a free month`s subscription. Don`t say I`m not thinking about you.

4. Grow something. OK..so this could be for those of you who have realised we may be in this situation for a while. My older daughter has just located two Christmas presents that fall into this category. The first was tomatoes...apparently we only have a week before we get an upgrade on our salads whilst the second was a Gin making kit. Possibly you don`t `grow` Gin, but I think you get the idea. Cost effective and satisfying activity.

5. Learn a new skill. What an opportunity to look up on-line to see what alternatives are out there. Guitar to knitting to speaking Spanish. A great chance awaits and new ones could be introduced into home schooling too.

6. Try new recipes: Although cookery could fall into idea 5, this one is for those of you with a selection of recipe books (or even 1 ) that have gathered dust. What an opportunity to broaden your repertoire of dishes that you can confidently cook. 

7. (Not just)Xmas games: Either within your family or link up via facetime to those self isolating why not get those games  out of the loft and bring back some Xmas fun. I`m sure you will all have your own favourites. I`m currently looking for Linkee,Scattergories and Cluedo!

8. Scrapbook: Great for all ages. This could be done alone or together with the rest of your family. Bring back happy memories of when you were outside on holiday or compile a `family favourites` of photos/leaflets/tickets/maps of things you like doing and have done or been to etc.

9. Top 10`s: This is probably a one off idea and could be incorporated into idea 8 as well. Come up with titles /categories for your top 10 best and worst and then write them out and compare them with friends on-line or family. Can be amusing to share and see how different we all are.

10. Indoor scavenger hunts: Get in contact with Black Cat directly  info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk for free, original and appropriate (to age) scavenger hunts that can be completed around the house (and garden). Could be a good one for your younger family members. Black Cat is also happy to send free quirky quiz, pictorial questions about places he has been to in Sussex that you could use as a round for idea 2.

I hope this helps you a little in those moments when you need to fill in a bit of time entertaining yourselves. Let me know if you discover some more free or low cost things to do that the whole family can do. #stayathome 

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