6 reasons to discover Brighton with a treasure hunt for visitors to England

6 reasons to discover Brighton with a treasure hunt for visitors to England

Posted on: 20/02/2020

Choosing an activity to do off the internet when visiting another country can be a difficult decision. Here are 6 examples of how I can re-assure you that taking part in a Black Cat Treasure Hunt whilst you are in England, most likely in the City of Brighton, but possibly anwhere in the County of Sussex or, if you wish, in London is an excellent idea that you will not regret.

Here are 6 little,true stories of how visitors from 6 different countries chose to take part in a Black Cat Treasure Hunt in Brighton. Each one had their own reason and format, but in the end the need was the same. A fun, well organised, good value activity that helped them discover a new City whilst creating and recording lots of memories that they could chat about in a social atmosphere afterwards.

1. The Americans: We all know the Americans like to be first in everything they do so I am not here to disappoint. Indeed when I was contacted by someone in American Express` offices in New York I guessed what might be required. A social, but nevertheless competitive event with their colleagues from the company`s Brighton office.Coming right up, with the finish arranged at a venue with a cool, Cuban vibe.

2. The Dutch: This was for a group of lads on a night out. Explore Brighton in a time effective manner with fun and pub options on route. Consider it done. These guys chose a Black Cat Treasure Hunt over a guided tour of Brighton`s football stadium. A wise choice really because the stadium is `out of town`!

3. The French: This group was slightly younger. The students were on an educational trip. The questions related interesting things about Brighton and incorporated a French theme .Oh..and I was asked to `lead`the hunt too. No problem for a small/optional fee. I dusted off my O Level standard `Francais` and took them around a great cross section of the City at their pace so that they were able to answer the questions and complete the challenges.

4. The Russians: This was probably the most memorable and fun treasure hunt from 2019. 16 Russians half of whom worked in London and the other half over from Moscow. The treasure hunt was in two parts including a trip to the famous 7 Sisters cliffs and to Brighton itself. Full fancy dress- extremely glamourous women and men straight off the set of Game of Thrones! Also the treasure hunt was translated into the Russian alphabet (not by me sadly!)

5. The Australians: Well.. kind of! A woman based in Australia contacted me and organised everything knowing that she was not actually going to be in attendance herself on the day. Seemed to work fine..everyone turned up on the right day,right time and in the right place. I was happy to meet a wide selection of nationalities from France,South Africa,Estonia and Bulgaria amongst others. Nice social event finished in a classic pub in Brighton`s famous Lanes district.

6. The Norwegians: To be fair this is a recent enquiry and has not been confirmed yet, but if it goes ahead will fit perfectly into Black Cat Treasure Hunts` remit of entertaining social events whilst discovering Brighton. This is for a group of students visiting Brighton University looking for a social activity on their first night. We have links with a number of pubs who provide discounted drinks,food and...karaoke. Come on guys..hurry up and confirm. You know it makes sense!

So there you have it. Get in touch via info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk and book without fear that you have made the right choice

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