10 Top Tips for your trip to Brighton

10 Top Tips for your trip to Brighton

Posted on: 30/01/2020

Visiting Brighton this year? Need some small but perfectly formed ideas on how to improve your trip? Of course you do and Black Cat is here with some great top tips on lowering stress, where to go,what to do and also.. for saving a bit of money too. What`s not to like?

1. Getting to Brighton: Ok..so you have a car..you are going to drive..right? Wrong! There are some good roads on the way, but just when you think you have it cracked you are going to hit some stressful traffic especially coming along the coast roads. Think about using the train and lowering your carbon footprint. The rail companies may be receiving criticism at the moment, but the train station in Brighton is well positioned to give you an interesting leisurely walk down to the sea front and other attractions. Lots of taxis/buses stop outside it too.

2. Car parks: Right..so you ignored my advice in number 1 and you are driving after all! The car park behind the train station is,ironically, the best value one I have found. Trust me I have looked around. No cunning on street parking for free? Not any more and Brighton loves a parking fine! You have been warned. 

3. Chainstore or Independent? If you like the well known chain stores the you should head for Churchill Square shopping centre, which is well placed centrally near the clock tower. There are further stores running along Western Rd, parallel to Churchill Square and beyond.
Brighton is though well known for independent shops. Notable for this style in the City are the North Laine and Kemp Town areas. You want quirky? I think you will be more than pleased if you head to Kensington Gardens/Gardner St.

4. Thinking of proposing? Valentines Day is not that far away, but even if you read this after that date then this is also a leap year! Now I mentioned saving money earlier..you may want to look away for a second, but The Lanes district is not only the most visited tourist attraction in Brighton, it is the capital of Britain for jewellery shops. Bring your credit card. There is plenty of choice in these narrow and historical streets. The bandstand along the seafront towards Hove could be a great place for that proposal as it also lisenced for Weddings!

5. Fish and Chips/Brighton Rock: Yes Brighton Pier is probably on your list for things to visit if you have not been to Brighton before, but I suggest you get your fish and chips (to eat on the beach) and your Brighton Rock from one of the shops along the main coast road rather than from on the Pier. You will notice a big price difference. No problem..don`t mention it..I have some even better discounts later.

6. Seagulls: I mentioned lowering stress. Making new friends in Brighton is pretty easy, but if you want those new `friends` to be Seagulls then you should throw them a chip or two or wave your doughnut around. These guys have speed, agilty and are always hungry and so, as a result,  try and keep your food low down and to yourself if you do not want to be bombarded and hassled. If you feel like screaming out the word `Seagulls` then make your way over to Falmer, inbetween Brighton and Lewes, as Brighton`s Premier League football team has that as a nickname.

7. Big Night Out: More pubs/clubs/bars per person than anywhere else in the whole of the UK! In 1800 it was 1 Inn per 30 houses! It doesn`t seem too much different now. Luckily Brighton is a relatively compact City and, as such, once you have chosen yourself a little route you should not have to stumble too far. No wonder Brighton is considered to be on top of many Hen/Stag party lists of places to go.

8. The Morning after: Like the number of pubs per person in Brighton, the number of Coffee shops is right up there too. Every part of Brighton has a place you could happily choose. If you `know your coffee` I would aim for the independent `Redroaster` at the bottom of St James` St. It has it`s own roastery situated in the City too - Fresh!. It`s Fairtrade credentials are second to none as well.

9. Looking Around: You could be with family visiting the City for the first time or with friends on a Hen Do. Maybe you are on a teambuilding/teambonding visit after a conference. There is little doubt you will want to have a look at all the main attractions and see what is where. Now..tourist guides are valuable and knowledgeable, but Black Cat Treasure Hunts can arrange personalised and bespoke treasure hunts that achieve just that whilst also having a lot of fun on route. (Contact us on info@blackcattreasurehunts.co.uk) Still prefer to pay for a guide then look up the visitBrighton website on how to go about that and where to see all the attractions.

10. Discounts: Some of the big attractions will offer combined ticket discounts which are worth considering. Black Cat Treasure Hunts can arrange discounted food/drink at a selection of pubs in the City if you book a personalised hunt with us! Contact us to find out which ones and how! We can also advise you how to get 20% discount on room hire at one of the karaoke venues.
I can`t say fairer than that..I look forward to hearing from you soon. Enjoy your trip

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