10 Ways To Get The Edge at Work..the last one of which is the deal maker!

10 Ways To Get The Edge at Work..the last one of which is the deal maker!

Posted on: 22/01/2020

Is getting ahead at work down to what you know or, as a lot of people will insist on telling you, who you know? Getting the edge in my opinion can have an element of both these things, but in my experience is more likely to be down to more subtle things that you can manage on a day to day basis rather than what subject you passed at University or the fact that your old next door neighbour now lives 6 doors down from your Head of Personnel!

Here are ten things, possibly good habits, that I suggest you use to get you in with(or ahead of) the in crowd at work. 

1. Do Your Research. Acting spontaneously can be fun and might be a good idea to take home with you, but being prepared for questions in meetings,knowing about `industry` good practices and finding out about competitors will put you in a strong position. This is taking what you know to the next level-away from specifics.
2. Make the tea for the front of house staff or if you are the front of house staff make it for the cleaner. I promise you this will be worth the time and effort. Creating a `good vibe`about your personality will permeate to all parts of the company in no time.
3.Always be looking out for your next job. "Hang on" I hear you say,"Wasn`t this supposed to be how to get the edge at my current place of work?" It is!..and if you have a good feel for where you are going to move on to and what`s out there, you will have the confidence to deal with what is in front of you in the knowledge you are ready for your next step up. Worrying about the present and looking over your shoulder is not a good look.
4. Know what is happening in your colleagues lives (and those in positions above you too). This is not about who you know, but how you know them. Being empathetic rather than sympathetic will give you the lead on being the `go to` person.Talking of which..
5. Be the `go to`person. Build on number 4 by `being there` for others..give out your phone number/social media details.Be the designated first aider on duty.
6. Take the mickey out of yourself. Generally this wasn`t hard for me(!),but it was not a sign of weakness. Showing you have a sense of humour dissolves tensions and makes it very hard for people to be critical of you.
7. Glass half full. I appreciate It`s not always easy to look on the bright side, but if you are the one who can stay positive in the face of adversity then your reputation is secure for decades to come.I once welcomed and catered for 5 back to back kids parties in a soft play area with one other colleague. Neither of us were part of the catering staff (who were off sick). Yes..it was my idea of hell too, but the two of us laughed our heads off throughout the day at the ridiculous nature of the situation and recieved glowing customer comments. I rest my case.
8. Randomly bring in cakes/biscuits. The key here is not to wait until it is your birthday to do this. Bring them in and announce it is National Helicopter Day or, more strategically, on the day of your office/work inspection from industry experts. Everyone performs better with a sugar rush!
9. Don`t always be shy or if you are not shy be subtle occasionally. If you have really put yourself out or gone the extra mile at work then It`s my belief someone in a job role above you should be aware of this or acknowledge it. Now, to be fair, they may not always have the opportunity to know what you have done so a little helping hand from you is allowed.Ask the person/organisation assisted by your efforts to write in..or maybe just drop the relevant person a short email about the successful event they may have missed. In other words, don`t shout about your amazing dedication in front of everybody, but do it behind the scenes instead!
And now to the deal maker/breaker! Number 10 is the one you have been building up to. The one thing that if you pull  off really well will have everyone else in awe of you and trying to do things for you.
10. Offer to organise the next teambuilding/teambonding event. I am not crazy! Yes, I know everyone has been there and done that and got the t shirt, but this does not need to be your downfall. In fact it will be the pinnacle of your success.
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